Empower Clinics Inc., - CEO, Steve McAuley.

" SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) to develop cybersecurity program for Empower Clinics (CSE:CBDT)

SoLVBL Solutions (SOLV) has signed an MOU to supply Empower Clinics (CBDT) with a custom cybersecurity program.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) receives US$185,000 order from the IRS

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has received a US$185,000 order from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) renews DEFEND contract with U.S. financial services firm

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has secured a contract renewal with a leading U.S. financial services firm for its DEFEND product.

" Relay (CSE:RELA) to host a live webinar on the state of the cybersecurity industry

Relay Medical (RELA) will be hosting the second episode about the “State of Cybersecurity Industry: Roots of SBOM”.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) receives a US$1.08M purchase order

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has received a US$1.08 million purchase order from the U.S. Airforce.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) secures first overseas order

Plurilock (PLUR) has secured a three-year C$672,000 DEFEND order with a leading overseas financial institution.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) receives order from NASA

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has received a US$140,000 order from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

" Leonovus (TSXV:LTV) introduces a ransomware protection product and provides business update

Leonovus (LTV) announced plans to launch a SaaS product to protect private and public organizations’ data from ransomware this fall.

" SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) closes second brokered private placement

SoLVBL Solutions (SOLV) has closed a second private placement.

" SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) closes upsized $3 million financing

SoLVBL Solutions (SOLV) has closed its upsized C$3 million brokered private placement.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) secures US$217,000 order

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has received a US$217,000 order from a California state retirement fund manager.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) receives Splunk order with U.S. Department of Defense

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has received a US$1.9 million order from the U.S. Department of Defense.

" Quantum eMotion (TSXV:QNC) appoints cybersecurity expert to the board of directors

Quantum eMotion (QNC) has appointed Wayne Teeple to its board of directors.

" TELUS (TSX:T) launches new cloud-based cybersecurity service for Canadian businesses

TELUS (T) has launched its new Managed Cloud Security service, a custom security platform for Canadian organizations.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) secures US$120,000 order from California county government entity

Plurilock Security (PLUR)  has received a purchase order worth US$120,000 from a county government in California.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) wins US$210,000 purchase order from California state taxation agency

Plurilock Security Inc. (PLUR) has secured a US$210,000 purchase order with a California state taxation agency.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) secures order with U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturer

Plurilock Security (PLUR) has secured an order through GiaSpace to license its authentication software to a regional pharmaceutical manufacturer in the U.S.
Relay Medical - Cybersecurity expert Chris Blask

" Relay Medical (CSE:RELA) appoints Chris Blask to Advisory Board

Relay Medical (RELA) has welcomed renowned cybersecurity expert Chris Blask to its Advisory Board.
Plurilock - CEO, Ian Paterson.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) issues statement following U.S. executive order to increase cybersecurity defenses

Plurilock Security Inc. (PLUR) is stepping up in response to U.S. President Biden’s executive order to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity defenses.

" Plurilock (TSXV:PLUR) signs contract with U.S. Department of Defense

Plurilock will provide public key infrastructure (PKI) products and services.