Bitcoin Well - CEO, Adam O’Brien.

" Bitcoin Well (TSXV:BTCW) signs LOI for real estate joint venture

Bitcoin Well (BTCW) is partnering with Greater Property Group to buy and sell real estate with crypto.
Bitcoin Well - CEO, Adam O’Brien (left).

" Bitcoin Well (TSXV:BTCW) announces Q3 results and introduces three-pillar strategy

In the third quarter of 2021 and the following nine months, revenue for Bitcoin Well increased to $15.9 million and $85.2 million respectively.
Bitcoin Well - CEO, Adam O’Brien (left).

" Bitcoin Well (TSXV:BTCW) adds over 100 Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin Well (BTCW) has added over 100 Bitcoin ATMs as part of its partnership with RapidCash ATM.
Bitcoin Well - Founder and CEO, Adam O’Brien.

" Bitcoin Well (TSXV:BTCW) grows Q2 revenue by 405 per cent

Bitcoin Well (BTCW) has released financial results for Q2 2021 highlighted by revenue growth of 405 per cent.