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  • Zonetail (ZONE) has signed a partnership agreement with one of the world’s leading food delivery and pick-up providers
  • The company’s mobile platform will allow hotel guests to connect with hotel amenities, as well as surrounding restaurants and stores
  • The undisclosed partner will facilitate pick-up and hotel room delivery of orders
  • Zonetail shares are currently up 33.33 per cent to C$0.02, with a market cap of C$1.29 million

Zonetail Inc. (ZONE) has signed a partnership agreement with one of the world’s foremost food pick-up and delivery services.

The company’s proprietary hotel mobile platform offers guests the ability to connect and interact with the hotel’s luxuries and services, as well as nearby restaurants and stores.

While the pick-up and delivery provider has not yet been made public, the partnership is expected to afford guests a broad and flexible choice to accommodate all of their dining needs, with the option to pick-up their order themselves or have it delivered directly to their hotel room.

“This partnership is exactly the type of service that hotel guests need, offering guests a wide variety of dining options and delivery right to the hotel room,” said Zonetail CEO, Mark Holmes.

“As Zonetail continues its rollout to over 25,000 hotels across the US, we will continue to build strong partnerships with industry leaders like this, to bring considerable value and convenience to our end users.”

Hotel guests occupy a large portion of the food delivery market but have typically been a hard-to-reach segment. The agreement between Zonetail and its undisclosed partner offers a viable solution to the problem.

In addition to the agreement, Zonetail also announced the resignation of board member Reetu Gupta.

“We truly thank Reetu for everything she has done for the Company, and fully understand her decision to step down from the board due to her very busy schedule,” said Mr. Holmes.

“We’re pleased that Reetu remains a significant shareholder, and as President and CEO of the Easton’s Group of Hotels, as well as President and CEO of The Gupta Group, she continues to be a strong supporter and client of the company.”

Zonetail is currently exploring a variety of options for Ms. Gupta’s replacement.

Shares in the company are currently up 33.33 per cent to C$0.02, with a market cap of C$1.29 million.

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