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  • XPhyto Therapeutics (CSE:XPHY) subsidiary, Vektor Pharma, has successfully incorporated biosensors into its oral dissolvable film platform
  • 3a-Diagnostics and XPhyto are currently developing pathogen-specific biosensors for infectious diseases, including COVID-19
  • Incorporating the biosensors into the company’s platform is essential to creating oral screening tests for those diseases
  • Vektor and 3a-Diagnostics are reviewing film efficacy factors, such as size, taste, dissolving time, and placement within the mouth
  • XPhyto Therapeutics (XPHY) is down 2.52 per cent and is currently trading at C$3.10 per share

XPhyto Therapeutics (CSE:XPHY) subsidiary, Vektor Pharma, has successfully incorporated biosensors into its oral dissolvable film (ODF) platform.

Vektor Pharma is a German company that manufactures, imports, and researches narcotics. The company has particular expertise in designing, testing, and manufacturing thin film drug delivery systems, including transdermal patches and oral strips.

By integrating peptide biosensors into an oral dissolvable film, Vektor has cleared a major hurdle for its parent company.

XPhyto and its diagnostic partner, 3a-Diagnostics, are currently working on pathogen-specific biosensors, which detect infectious diseases. The companies hoped to eventually incorporate 3a-Diagnostic’s biosensors into XPhyto’s ODF platform to create oral screening tests.

3a-Diagnostics has already created biosensor screening tests for a range of bacterial and viral diseases. These include influenza A, scarlet fever, stomatitis, periimplantitis, and periodontitis. 

The companies are also planning and developing biosensors for pandemic threats, including COVID-19, H1N1, and H5N1.

Vektor’s successful integration of biosensors into an ODF platform makes XPhyto’s plans for oral screening tests a much closer reality.

XPhyto’s CEO, Hugh Rogers, commented on the subsidiary’s achievement.

“Successful incorporation of 3a-Diagnostic’s peptide biosensors into Vektor’s ODF platform represents a significant technical milestone on the pathway to commercialisation.

“This was a critical step that unlocks a pipeline of potential biosensor screening products,” he said.

Now that formulation development and ODF incorporation are complete, Vektor is moving to the next phase. 

The company, along with 3a-Diagnostics, is now reviewing factors which may impact the ODF’s optimisation. These include film size, taste, the dissolvability timeline, and placement in the mouth.

Vektor has started planning for pilot-scale EU GMP test-manufacturing, for use in clinical evaluation.

XPhyto Therapeutics (XPHY) is down 2.52 per cent and trading at C$3.10 per share at 2:14pm EDT

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