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  • Health and wellness company, Vitality Products (TSXV:VPI) is about to double its vitamin and supplement product line 
  • The company has seen a recent surge of consumer interest in preventative health, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Vitality Products is continuing to operate fully, and has hired additional staff to help with projected sales
  • The company has also announced launching a new Relax+ 120 tablets size, after success with the 60 tablets size
  • Vitality Products (VPI) is up 4.55 per cent, and is currently trading for 12 cents per share

Health and wellness company, Vitality Products (TSXV:VPI) is about to double its vitamin and supplement product line. 

The company, which qualifies as an essential business, is continuing to operate fully in spite of COVID-19. 

Much like the cannabis industry, the health and wellness industry has seen a recent surge in consumer interest. 

In particular, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has triggered a rise in interest about preventative health. This includes medically beneficial products like vitamins and supplements. 

In anticipation of increasing demand, Vitality is doubling its existing vitamin and supplement line from five to ten products. The company plans to complete the expansion from May to July of this year. 

While Vitality started developing new product formulations before the virus started, its arrival has made them more necessary than ever. In the last year, the company has applied for Natural Product licenses, developed new marketing material, and filed with the US FDA.

Now, Vitality has received the required NPN’s for selling new products in Canada. With the five new products in their final stages, the company has started pre-sales with its current retailers. 

Before the company launches the five new products, it will first release a new Relax+ 120 tablets size product. This comes after Vitality experienced great success with the Relax+ 60 tablets size. Relax+ tablets are food supplements which assist in treating stress and insomnia. 

In today’s press release, the company expressed its focus on supporting its staff, retailers, and customers during the COVID-19 crisis. 

“Vitality believes that natural health is essential to support the maintenance of good health, immunity, restful sleep, and good digestion for the absorption of nutrients.

“We are grateful to our retailers and customers during this time, and as we build into a healthy future.”

Vitality Products (VPI) is up 4.55 per cent, and trading for 12 cents per share, as of 9:49am EST.

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