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  • Visionstate (TSXV:VIS) shares have surged 300 per cent on the back of COVID-19 fears. 
  • Visionstate’s core product is WANDA, a bathroom maintenance solution. 
  • The company has replaced the bathroom reporting schedule with a tech solution that reports to facilities managers 
  • Interest has dramatically increased in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Visionstate Corp (VIS) is up 300 per cent, with shares currently trading at $0.06 and a market cap of C$1.1 million

Visionstate Corp (TSXV:VIS) has today announced a big bump in sales on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company has seen a marked uptick in inquiries about its WANDA bathroom maintenance tracker, as companies seek to ensure their employees are protected against the outbreak.

The WANDA product is a smart tablet that is mounted at the entrance of public restrooms and monitors cleaning activities.

This ensures compliance with required procedures in order to meet whatever standard of cleanliness the business is aiming to achieve.

WANDA itself is protected by an antimicrobial film and is used by facilities managers to monitor cleaning activities are met and to track activity through real time analytics.

The company is quickly expanding as facility mangers across North America are looking to new technologies to ensure cleaners are compliant in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This should result in much higher revenues for Visionstate over the next few quarters once the new installations are complete.

Visionstate has also announced it is ready to ship plug-and-play models of its devices to any business in North America with cellular connectivity.

CEO of Visionstate John Putters has said that ensuring public spaces were being cleaned as they should be was now of paramount importance.

“With the Covid-19 virus now declared a global pandemic, the importance of cleaning in public facilities has become paramount in the fight against the disease spreading even further.

“Visionstate’s WANDA is on the front line of cleaning efforts, ensuring effective cleaning procedures are met in the on-going battle between viruses.

“It provides the public a level of comfort knowing that facility managers are committed to high standards,” he said.

And the market seems to agree with John’s assessment.

Visionstate Corp (VIS) is up 300 per cent, with shares currently trading for $0.06 at 11:39 am EST

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