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  • Viemed Healthcare (TSX:VMD.TO) has announced its response to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the US
  • The company provides at-home medical equipment, including ventilators for patients with respiratory issues 
  • Viemed has modified its protocols and procedures, and delayed all non-essential home visits to patients
  • The company is working alongside local officials as the COVID-19 crisis continues
  • Viemed Healthcare (VMD.TO) is up 22.45 per cent, and is currently trading at C$4.69 per share

Viemed Healthcare (TSX:VMD.TO) has announced its response to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the United States.

The medical supplier provides at-home care, services, and equipment, including ventilators, to Americans with respiratory issues. 

Viemed is a leader in the homecare ventilation market, which is experiencing demand increases as COVID-19 spreads across the US. The COVID-19 outbreak, which can cause acute respiratory injuries, is a particular threat to much of Viemed’s patient base. 

Last week, the company started adapting its protocols and procedures, to ensure the safety of all employees and patients. Most notably, Viemed has delayed all non-essential home visits, in order to protect its most high-risk patients. 

The company’s policy for new patients and emergency calls requiring a home visit may fall outside of the newly modified protocols. 

In addition, Viemed is monitoring any changes or updates to instructions and guidance that the CDC provides. The company is also working alongside local officials, to ensure that its clinicians’ network can meet potential patient needs.

Viemed CEO, Casey Hoyt, commented on the company’s response to the ongoing health crisis.

“With one of the country’s largest networks of respiratory therapists, we remain in position to safely treat the growing patient base with our significant ventilator fleet and remote patient monitoring capabilities. 

“We stand ready to work with the CDC, state and local agencies, and other hospital systems to treat the growing number of COVID-19 patients in the home. 

“Viemed’s solution of treating patients at home will potentially free up more hospital beds for the growing COVID-19 patient base,” he said.

Viemed Healthcare (VMD.TO) is up 22.45 per cent, and is currently trading at C$4.69 per share, as of 12:13pm EST.

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