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  • Versus Systems (CSE:VS) has announced an agreement with the real-time video-sharing app, Kast
  • As part of the agreement, Versus will bring its in-app rewards technology to Kast’s watch party platform
  • Kast is the first non-gaming content partner to integrate Versus’ rewards system
  • As COVID-19 is keeping people indoors, technology that enables them to connect through media is especially in demand
  • Versus’ share price is up 2.33 per cent, and is currently trading for C$0.22 per share

Versus Systems (CSE:VS) is expanding beyond the gaming industry as it announces an agreement with real-time video-sharing app, Kast.

The agreement will bring Versus’ proprietary in-app rewards technology to Kast’s watch party platform. Kast’s app has screen-capture, voice, text and video chat technology, which allows people to join “watch parties” remotely. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic keeps people in self-isolation at home, people are turning to technologies like this for human connection.

By combining Versus’ rewards technology and Kast’s platform, both companies are set to make a profit. Integrating real-world prizes into Kast’s watch party app will increase engagement and enjoyment for Kast hosts and spectators. 

Kast’s Co-Founder and President, Justin Weissberg, welcomed the partnership.

“Versus brings real, tangible rewards to their partners’ growing audiences. We are excited to bring our community rewards they can experience with their Kast friends and family,” he said. 

For Versus, this agreement represents its first foray beyond the gaming industry that it has called home until now. Versus’ rewards technology certainly lends itself to games, in which players try to win prizes and rewards.

Kast is the first non-gaming content partner to integrate Versus’ rewards platform. If this experimental partnership produces favourable results, Versus is likely to pursue more opportunities beyond the gaming world.

Social streaming and watch party services like Kast are part of an emerging C$250 billion global streaming market. According to Business Wire, that market could see a compound annual growth rate of 19 per cent through to 2024. 

Head of Business Development at Versus Systems, John O’Connell, called Kast a “true pioneer in the watch party space.”

“We are excited to bring our in-game reward technologies to their apps, creators, and spectators later this year,” he said. 

Versus’ share price is up 6.98 per cent, and trading for $0.23 per share, as of 9:58am EST.

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