Valeo Pharma In-Play, New HesperCo™ Immune System Support Scientifically Demonstrated
Frederick William

Shares of Valeo Pharma Inc. (CSE: VPH) (Frankfurt: VP2) poised for substantial upside revaluation to reflect the major ‘company –maker’ potential in HesperCo™ as the market figures out it is set to be the subject of Covid-19 clinical trial. Valeo will benefit immensely by the direct association of the licensed product name being the same as that of the trial.

Conceivably, in the near-term en masse, we may see a scenario develop whereby frontline workers and people concerned about the virus will want to take HesperCo™ proactively and certainly if infected to alter the viral kinetics; inhibit replication, and modulate the inflammatory response by down regulating the cytokine storm. Hesperidin (the compound making up HesperCo™) is set to undergo Covid19 clinical trials to further evidence its support of the immune system leading to speculation HesperCo™ will become a go-to tool in dealing with early-stage infection; scientific academic research supports that in the lag-time before antibodies kick-in hesperidin meaningfully keeps at bay the number of viruses the body has to neutralize.

Valeo Pharma Inc. (CSE: VPH)(Frankfurt: VP2)is a fully integrated specialty pharmaceutical company. Valeo has announced it has entered into a collaborative effort with Ingenew Pharma Inc. to commercialize a product called HesperCo™, which is derived from the hesperidin molecule.

Hesperidin is not being advanced by any big pharma as it is a public domain compound, and thus can’t be turned around and sold for $100 a pill.

Valeo Pharma is not saying much about HesperCo™ at this point in time apart from it ‘supporting the immune system’, which is a catch-all phrase that basically encompasses a number of possibilities without making claims, but one look at the HesperCo™ manufacturer Ingenew’s corporate website https://ingenewpharma.comand it is clear Hesperidin has copious amounts of academic research from multiple sources supporting the role it plays in various phases of Covid19 viral infection.

See Valeo’s partner PDF on SARS-COV-2 (a.k.a. Covid-19) and how it infects the host here.

See Valeo’s partner PDF on hesperidin and scientific literature search looking back at SARS-COV (previous strains).

Hesperidin is a bioflavonoid molecule, a type of plant pigment with a myriad of effects from antioxidant to anti-inflammatory, sourced primarily in select unripe citrus fruit.

The name ‘HesperCo’ (TM) comes from the upcoming clinical trial testing hesperidin on Covid19 (coronavirus) patients that Ingenew will apparently be involved with (details still to be announced, but they make reference to it at As a NHP, hesperidin, will bypass the need for regulatory approval (like a drug would require or a substance making health claims), however scientific evidence clearly shows hesperidin acts like a powerful drug.

Below is our synopsis of key academic research that is already understood about hesperidin;

We urge the reader to view the above PDF’s from Valeo’s partner and the supporting index of 123 research papers. The following is what we believe to be the understanding of the objectives of the HesperCo™ trial; in summary (not making health claims here, just stating the objectives of a trial based on known scientific research), hesperidin can prominently assist in the viral and patient inflammatory response phases, and potentially hesperidin covers all 4 phases of the covid19 progression.

All phases of viral infection appear to be affected in some way by hesperidin and that the earlier the patient is on hesperidin the better. When you are asymptomatic and start having fever and cough, you are in the viral response phase. Fever and cough marks the inflammatory response phase. The presence of hesperidin interferes with what would otherwise be an exponential cascade of viral S-Spike binding and HR1-HR2 replication. Since the body has no vaccine present (no memory/blueprint about how to respond) the initial lag time is when the presence of hesperidin can drastically reduce the viral load and can prevent matters from getting critical.

1) Hesperidin prevents the penetration (binding) of the novel coronavirus S-Spike protein into the cell’s Ace2 protein receptor:  The spike region binding domain of the virus is the part that connects to the Ace2 receptor of a cell. Hesperidin has scientific support that indicates it causes interference in the shallow pockets that the spike attempts to bind with.

2) Hesperidin inhibits the replication of the virus:Hesperidin has scientific support in literature that it neutralizes or inhibits the 3CL protease, also referred to as the Mpro. There are now at least 5 groups that have shown, plus in vitro evidence, that hesperidin can essentially inhibit the 3CL probe replication protein. Once infected, the 3CL is a key protein in the virus replication, and with hesperidin present to cause a neutralizing effect on the 3CL, replication is dramatically hindered.

3) Hesperidin modulates inflammation and biomarkers:The coronavirus affects multiple organs; infecting and dysregulating the CNS System, the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, etc. Hesperidin has scientific evidence that it can play an active role in modulating inflammation and biomarkers, which by default reduces the cytokine storm.

4) Hesperidin attenuates ventilator induced acute lung injury: Although hesperidin is ideally taken orally for EARLY–stage mitigation, it has significant scientific support in its ability to attenuate ventilator induced acute lung injury. If a person is at such an acute stage they would not be taking HesperCo™ as currently the product is over-the-counter oral, but it is comforting to know the science is there on that front too. There is already talk of an alternate form of delivery for the product under development. 

What does all this mean for investors in Valeo Pharma Inc.?HesperCo™ is trademarked by Ingenew and licensed to Valeo. Valeo has world-wide rights, it has filed in Canada, it already has product and packaging ready for delivery, is expected to launch within weeks (once issued its NHP, imminent), and is expected to follow into the USA shortly thereafter.  Ingenew’s clinical trial is “the HesperCo™ Clinical Trial”. From what is known to date academically Ingenew and Valeo appear to have the potential for a home-run, this has the earmarks of a run-away freight train home-run company-maker. Keep your eye on shares of CSE:VPH.

Valeo Pharma Inc. shares (CSE:VPH) have already ripped higher recently based on the positive outlook of projected sales from its in-licensing product pipeline. The HesperCo™ addition will only drive the share price higher. The management team are experienced, successful, and sophisticated industry veterans that know how to vet winning in-licensing relationships and minimize risk (in-licensing eliminates all development risk).

The HesperCo™ product is a slight departure from Valeo’s traditional drug business (marketed to hospitals and doctors) in that HesperCo™ will be issued a NHP from Health Canada and will be available over-the-counter everywhere and thru online sales. Valeo has a good commercial team able to handle all aspects of the coming HesperCo™ sales ramp-up; its head of commercial operations ran the retail over-the-counter division for Schering-Plough several years ago, before joining Valeo.

Valeo Pharma is executing well and on a meteoric-like rise: Valeo’s m.o. is to vet proven pharma opportunities globally and makes licensing deals. With several of the Company’s new drug products having advanced to the monetization/launch phase recently, Valeo is on-track to reach cash flow profitability by the end of its fiscal year (which is this October-2020).

Valeo Pharma is fast moving, nimble and dynamic; it maintains, in-house, all the necessary capabilities and infrastructure to register and manage a drug through all stages of commercialization. The Company has several products in the market now, has a pipeline of products coming to market over the next several months, plus the business development team is active with yet unannounced deals that are currently being negotiated now.

VPH is in the process of closing on a C$6M capital raise, a bought deal agreement with a syndicate of underwriters, characterized with strong institutional involvement. The proceeds will be used for both working capital and growth as needed. Funding will be primarily used for growth capital needs; e.g. inventory growth, product acquisition growth, and licensing growth purposes.

Valeo is in the process of maturing into a more mainstream pharmaceutical growth investment vehicle. The company is stronger financially now, has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to execute on a plan, has proven access to capital, and in turn is increasingly more attractive to licensing partners and prospects -- the scenario is self-reinforcing and is apt to lead to additional continued, steady, new, and quality product pipeline business development.  A number of institutional funds have recently indicated an interest in getting involved with Valeo. Additionally, Valeo will soon be expanding to trade in the US on the OTCQB exchange.

Valeo Pharma Inc. trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol VPH. The following URLs have been identified for additional DD on Valeo Pharma Inc.:

Corporate website:

Recent Technology Journal article.


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