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Mantaro Precious Metals Corp (TSXV:MNTR) holds a diversified portfolio of gold and silver properties in Bolivia and Peru.

Chief among them is the Golden Hill Property, located in the underexplored, orogenic Bolivia Shield, where the company recently completed several diamond drill holes.

It also holds interest in other silver properties in Peru.

I’m Simon Druker. Today, we are joined by the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Craig Hairfield.

Thanks very much for dropping by ….

TMH: To start off with, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the history of the company?

CH: Of course. So as for myself, I am a mining engineer by education and I also worked in private equity for many years in mining-focused private equity. So, I have a mixed technical and finance background. I got connected to the former CEO of Mantaro Precious Metals a few years ago, his name is Chris Wilson and he’s a geologist and Chris brought me into the company earlier this year. Chris is happily focusing on geology and adding value at the project level and me with my and finance experience, I’m the face for shareholders and communicating to new investors and that sort of a thing. So, what got me excited about coming into Mantaro Precious Metals is the quality of the projects we have. So, we have the Santas Gloria project, a silver project in Peru and the Golden Hill project in Bolivia which is a permitted project that has huge exploration potential.

TMH: What drew your company to operate in Bolivia?

CH: Yeah. Bolivia in particular is a country that’s been incredibly under explored for the past 15 years. So it’s got huge potential to find quality mineral deposits as it’s been overlooked and then the Eastern side of the country, which we call the Bolivian shield, which is where our Golden Hill property is located, is also a very overlooked region of Bolivia and there’s been there’s been a bit of more informal mining activity over the years and there’s just massive, massive indications of this region being a very similar region to say the Abitibi gold region in Canada or west Africa, Western Australia – huge gold potential but just very under explored by foreign companies and as such we’re a bit of a first mover in that region.

TMH: Can you update our investor audience and Mantaro Metals shareholders on the recent work at Golden Hill?

CH: Sure. So Golden Hill, I may have failed to mention we got access to it and acquired it last year.  Since then, we’ve fully explored the 6,000 Hectare property, doing service sampling and mapping out vein structures and discovered numerous kinds of extra vein structures all over the property. We’ve discovered and lined out many exploration targets all over the property. The La Escarcha deposit, which was the site of some former surface and underground mining at Golden Hill, was an obvious place to start. There’d been a few historic drill holes in that deposit and obviously former mining activity is the best place to start to indicate you have something there, so we just finished a 3009-meter drill program, started in May and just finished this month.

Most of that activity was focused on La Escarcha. We did 21 holes in total and then we also put some holes in some of the more satellite deposits or targets around the property to really try and prove out what we believe is a whole district of gold deposits along six to eight kilometers of strike-length. So very exciting times for us, we don’t have assay results yet but they’re pending and we look forward to being able to share those with the markets in the near future.

TMH: What’s the long-term strategy for the company moving forward and what should retail, and institutional investors be looking out for?

CH: Of course. So, as I said, we’ve got drill results that we’ll be able to share with the market here in the coming weeks and months, and that should hopefully provide several weeks or months of exciting news. We can’t wait to show the world the potential of Golden Hill but don’t forget, we also have Santas Gloria, the silver project in Peru. We’re considering starting to focus some attention over to that project as well as we’re working through the data that we gained from Golden Hill. Santas Gloria is nearly drill ready and it’s almost permitted. When that happens, we’ll consider diverting some attention to that as well,  so it’s nice to have two really exciting projects that we can shift our resources from one to the other and keep them going in parallel – it’s an exciting time for us.

TMH: Can you tell our audience a little bit about your corporate management and board teams, along with the experience and innovative ideas they bring to the gold mining space?

CH: Of course, we’ve got a phenomenal board with years of experience in law, investor relations, geology mining and Latin American experience as well. So, a really well-rounded experienced board, but we also run a very lean team as well. We have Chris Wilson who is our chief geologist has many decades of experience drilling programs and exploring and finding new properties around the world. We have a number of geologists that work with him as well, that we deploy on our various projects when needed as well. So, it’s great. Like I said, we have a lean operation, we don’t have a lot of frills and offices and that sort of thing. We really try and direct our shareholders money to add value at the project level as much as possible. So yeah, we’re proud of that.

TMH: And finally, Mr. Hairfield, if there’s anything I’ve overlooked please feel free to elaborate.

CH: Sure. I think we gave a good, quick overview of the projects but I guess to any investor, I would say look us up, do the math, look at the size potential and the quality of the projects we have and then look at our market cap, look at our cash position and look at the kind of value proposition that I think we offer. Not a lot of companies out there have cash to give them a good runway, and have high-quality projects at the same time. So yeah. Check us out.

TMH: Thanks again for joining us at The Market Herald today, Mr. Hairfield. We look forward to chatting with you again…

We’ve been speaking with Craig Hairfield, CEO of Mantaro Metals Corp.

Mantaro Precious Metals Corp. trades on the TSX Venture under the symbol M-N-T-R.

 I’m Simon Druker for The Market Herald. Thanks for watching.

Mantaro Precious Metals (TSXV:MNTR)

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