Torex Resources - CEO, Fred Stanford
CEO, Fred Stanford
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  • Mid-tier gold miner Torex Resources (TSX:TXG) has today updated the market on its COVID-19 policies and response 
  • International visitors are now banned from visiting the El Limon Quajes site in Mexico
  • The company has no known or suspected cases on infection at the Toronto Corporate Office or the El Limon Quajes operation
  • Torex is focused on maintaining production and worker safety 
  • Torex Resources (TXG) is up 7.68 per cent, with shares currently trading at C$11.83 and a market cap of $945 million,

Torex Resources (TSX:TXG) is taking the radical action of closing its El Limon Quajes mine site in Mexico to international visitors.

The company has instituted a suite of anti-viral controls in the past few days, in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

They are ramping up cleaning efforts at the production facility in Mexico and have instituted work from home protocols for the majority of the corporate workforce in Toronto.

The company has also announced production is still on schedule, with the company focused on maintaining production by protecting its employees by keeping the virus away from their remote mining operation.

As part of its preparation to close the site, the company has announced it has sourced the predictable critical supplies needed to operate for an extended period of time.

The company are in a fortunate position, in that their operation in Mexico is somewhat removed from potential sources of infection.

The El Limon Quajes operation sits about 180 kilometres south of Mexico City, in a remote part of the Guerrero Gold Belt.

President and CEO of Torex Resources Fred Stanford said the company was focusing on social distancing and health education to protect employees and the surrounding communities.

“At the operation, we have stopped international travellers from coming to site.

“Social distancing efforts are being implemented at site, which included isolating delivery drivers.

“Staying safe, healthy and doing what we can to maintain economic security, will get us through these difficult times,” he said.

The company has stated they are actively monitoring all events in relation to COVID-19, both in Canada and in Mexico.

Torex are currently complying will all guidelines issues by the Governments of all levels in both countries.

Torex Resources (TXG) is up 7.68 per cent, with shares trading for C$11.83 at 10:37 am EST. 

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