" Cultivation begins at TransCanna’s (CSE:TCAN) first crop management site

Plants are going into TransCanna’s (TCAN) first crop management site today – a greenhouse in Wesley, California.

" TransCanna (CSE:TCAN) launches new revenue stream

TransCanna Holdings (TCAN) has onboarded its first client for third-party cold storage, Kase Manufacturing.

" TransCanna (CSE:TCAN) creates vegetative room to increase cultivation yield

TransCanna (TCAN) is launching a vegetative room in its multipurpose Daly facility in Modesto, California.
TransCanna Holdings - CEO, Bob Blink (right) and COO, Alan Applonie (centre).

" TransCanna (CSE:TCAN) appoints Alan Applonie as Chief Operating Officer

TransCanna (TCAN) has promoted Alan Applonie from General Manager to the role of Chief Operating Officer.