" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World launches NFT platform

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary, New World is launching its NFT marketplace and the Augmented Reality app.

" Fandom Sports (CSE:FDM) partners with Polygon to provide real-time NFT creation

Fandom Sports (FDM) has entered into a partnership with cryptocurrency platform Polygon to support NFT minting on Fandom Sports’ NFT marketplace.

" GameOn Entertainment (CSE:GET) partners with Chibi Dinos NFT project

Victory Square (VST) portfolio company, GameOn (GET), has partnered with the NBA player-backed Chibi Dinos NFT project.

" ESE Entertainment’s (TSXV:ESE) K1CK esports team to mint NFTs

ESE Entertainment’s (ESE) K1CK esports team will offer its first NFTs through OpenSea on October 14th at 10:00 am ET.

" Blockchain Foundry’s (CSE:BCFN) Dale Hawerchuk NFTs up for auction

Blockchain Foundry’s (BCFN) Dale Hawerchuk NFTs are now for sale on Classic Auctions.

" CurrencyWorks’ (CSE:CWRK) NFTs for ZERO CONTACT sell for over $90,000

CurrencyWorks (CWRK) is pleased to announce the successful sale of the ZERO CONTACT Platinum Edition and Elite Edition NFTs.

" CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK) to launch Anthony Hopkins thriller tomorrow

CurrencyWorks’ (CWRK) NFT platform, VUELE, will launch Anthony Hopkins’ thriller ZERO CONTACT on September 24.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Elias Theodorou to create NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World has signed Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter Elias Theodorou to create NFTs.

" Liquid Avatar (CSE:LQID) subsidiary brings images from the first East Coast Rock Festival to digital collectors

Liquid Avatar Technologies (LQID) subsidiary Oasis Digital Studios has secured rights to manage Ken Davidoff’s photos of historic events and celebrities.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Khalil to create exclusive music NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World has signed Khalil to create exclusive music NFTs on the New World Inc. NFT platform.

" Fandom Sports Media (CSE:FDM) to launch NFT marketplace

Fandom Sports (FDM) has announced the upcoming launch of its NFT marketplace, Fandomart.com.

" Graph Blockchain’s (CSE:GBLC) New World NFT platform signs TRAN$PARENT

Graph Blockchain’s (GBLC) New World has signed fine artist TRAN$PARENT to create NFTs for the platform.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) shares New World NFT Platform’s latest innovation

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) is pleased to announce that New World Inc. is creating animated non-fungible tokens using its in-house motion capture technology.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Mia Martina

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) wholly-owned subsidiary New World has signed multi-platinum, international recording artist Mia Martina.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Drew House designer Gianpiero D’Alessandro

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) wholly-owned subsidiary New World has signed Drew House designer Gianpiero D’Alessandro.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World expands into music NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) wholly-owned subsidiary New World will be adding music non-fungible tokens to its platform when it launches in September.

" CurrencyWorks (CSE:CWRK) prepares new NFT releases for Motoclub

CurrencyWorks (CWRK) is in the final stages of preparing the first online NFT sales drop for Motoclub.io.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary to host NFT event

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World will host Miami’s first private NFT augmented reality experience on July 22, 2021.

" GameOn (CSE:GET) partners with Blockparty on NFT offering

GameOn (GET) is partnering with Blockparty to launch an NFT predictor product.