DIRTT - CEO, Kevin O'Meara.

" 22NW Fund comments on activist campaign against DIRTT Environmental Solutions (TSX:DRT)

DIRTT (DRT) has rejected 22NW’s settlement proposal related to its requisition of a shareholder meeting.
DIRTT - CEO, Kevin O'Meara.

" DIRTT (TSX:DRT) comments on activist investor

DIRTT (DRT) has commented on activist investor 22NW Fund’s recent requisition and proxy fight.
IBI Group Inc. - CEO, Scott Stewart

" IBI Group (TSX:IBG) announces acquisition of Telenium

IBI Group Inc. (IBG) has completed the purchase of the assets of Telenium Inc., including all intellectual property and technology assets.
PyroGenesis - CEO, P. Peter Pascali.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) to launch green hydrogen production process

PyroGenesis (PYR) will soon launch a new hydrogen production process with zero carbon emissions.

" Algoma Steel (TSX:ASTL) retains Danieli to construct new facility

After a rigorous review of suppliers, Danieli was selected as the best fit for Algoma Steel’s (ASTL) needs.
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" Vertex Resource Group (TSXV:VTX) reports Q3 2021 results

Vertex Resource Group (VTX) has reported its financial and operational results for the three and six months ending September 30, 2021.
NEO Battery Materials - CEO, Spencer Huh.

" NEO Battery Materials (TSXV:NBM) upscales silicon anode production over 1000-fold

NEO (NBM) has upscaled its silicon anode production capacity from several grams per hour to several kg per hour.

" Xebec (TSX:XBC) acquires Colorado-based UECompression

Xebec Adsorption Inc. (XBC) has acquired UECompression (UEC) to establish North America’s leading Renewable Natural Gas and Hydrogen Manufacturing Facility.
PyroGenesis - CEO, P. Peter Pascali.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) provides Q3 guidance

PyroGenesis (PYR) has provided a glimpse into its financial results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2021.
PyroGenesis - CEO, P. Peter Pascali.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) to provide system to destroy PFAs

PyroGenesis (PYR) will provide a C$9.2 million system to destroy perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs).
NEO Battery Materials - CEO, Spencer Huh.

" NEO Battery Materials (TSXV:NBM) begins engineering, procurement and construction of South Korean facility

NEO Battery (NBM) has completed the conceptual design and initiated engineering of its semi-commercial plant in South Korea.
HPQ Silicon Resources - President and CEO, Bernard Tourillon.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) commissioning HPQ-Silicon’s (TSXV:HPQ) PUREVAP quartz reduction reactor pilot plant

PyroGenesis (PYR) is commissioning HPQ’s (HPQ) GEN3 PUREVAP quartz reduction reactor pilot plant.
Current Water Technologies - CEO, Gene Shelp (left).

" Current Water Technologies (TSXV:WATR) files patent for hydrogen generation

Current Water (WATR) has filed a provisional patent application for its AmmEl-H2 hydrogen generation system.
PyroGenesis - CEO, P. Peter Pascali.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) signs joint venture to repurpose aluminum dross residue

PyroGenesis (PYR) has entered a joint venture to convert aluminum dross residue into chemical products.
Transcontinental - President and CEO, François Olivier.

" Transcontinental’s (TSX:TCL.A) CEO François Olivier to retire

Transcontinental (TCL.A) CEO François Olivier will retire on December 9, 2021, after 28 years with the company.

" Current Water Technologies (TSXV:WATR) signs MOU with aquaculture consortium

Current Water (WATR) has signed an MOU with Ship Nature’s Way, a leading consortium of aquaculture companies.
Fairfax India - Chairman, Prem Watsa.

" Fairfax India (TSX:FIH.U) to take controlling interest in Maxop Engineering

Fairfax India (FIH.U) has announced up to a US$66 million investment in Maxop Engineering.
PyroGenesis - CEO, P. Peter Pascali.

" PyroGenesis (TSX:PYR) secures additional government funding to transform quartz into fumed silica

PyroGenesis (PYR) has secured C$630,000 in government funding to develop a process to transform quartz into fumed silica.
IBI Group Inc - CEO, Scott Stewart.

" IBI Group (TSX:IBG) awarded City of Toronto traffic operations contract

IBI Group (IBG) has been awarded a traffic operations and services contract by the City of Toronto.

" HIRE Technologies (TSXV:HIRE) to acquire Leaders and Co.

HIRE Technologies (HIRE) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Leaders and Co., Consulting in Governance and Leadership Inc.