" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary Niftable and Station Gallery announce NFT partnership

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) has shared operational updates for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Niftable.
Graph Blockchain - CEO, Paul Haber.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) announces management & employee share purchase

Directors and senior management team members have purchased approximately 10.5 million shares of Graph Blockchain (GBLC).

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary partners with Pure Spirits for augmented reality experience

Graph’s (GBLC) New World will offer AR-enabled vodka and tequila leading up to F1’s Miami Grand Prix.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) announces NCIB

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) has announced its intention to initiate a normal course issuer bid.
Graph Blockchain - CEO, Paul Haber.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) details near-term initiatives

Graph (GBLC) has reported on upcoming projects, including a spinoff and new NFTs.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) announces sale of first NFT for One Body Village

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary Niftable, a charity-focused NFT company, has helped One Body Village sell its first NFT.
Graph Blockchain - Global Ambassador, Ronaldinho.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) signs Ronaldinho as global ambassador

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) has signed soccer legend Ronaldinho as its global ambassador.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) announces One Body Village to auction first NFT

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary Niftable has announced that a charity it supports, One Body Village (OBV), will be auctioning its first NFT.

" Top 5 Stories of the Week: HIVE Blockchain (TSXV:HIVE), Datametrex AI (TSXV:DM), Nextech AR (CSE:NTAR), Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC)

The week in Canadian markets is ending with inflation settling in for the foreseeable future.

" Graph Blockchain’s (CSE:GBLC) New World releases NFT collection with Karl Wolf

New World is releasing an NFT collection with Karl Wolf after his song “Omicron Queen” took the web by storm.

" Graph Blockchain’s (CSE:GBLC) New World and Elias Theodorou make NFT history

Graph Blockchain (GBLC)  subsidiary New World Inc. will be launching Elias Theodorou’s NFT on December 18th.

" Graph Blockchain’s (CSE:GBLC) New World and Diogo Snow make NFT history

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) is pleased to share that the market for non-fungible tokens in 2021 has surged to new highs in popularity.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World launches NFT platform

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary, New World is launching its NFT marketplace and the Augmented Reality app.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Elias Theodorou to create NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World has signed Middleweight Mixed Martial Arts fighter Elias Theodorou to create NFTs.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) announces plans to focus exclusively on NFTs with New World

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) has announced plans to spin off three of its businesses into two independent publicly traded entities.

" Graph (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World signs Khalil to create exclusive music NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World has signed Khalil to create exclusive music NFTs on the New World Inc. NFT platform.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) subsidiary New World using 3D scanning to create NFTs

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) subsidiary New World Inc. is creating non-fungible tokens using new state-of-the-art three-dimensional scanning technology.

" Top 5 Stories of the Week: ValOre Metals (TSXV:VO), BeWhere Holdings (TSXV:BEW), Canada Silver Cobalt (TSXV:CCW), Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC), HPQ Silicon Resources (TSXV:HPQ)

This week in the Canadian economy has seen grand pronouncements in the news as election signs appear on lawns across the country.

" Graph Blockchain’s (CSE:GBLC) New World NFT platform signs TRAN$PARENT

Graph Blockchain’s (GBLC) New World has signed fine artist TRAN$PARENT to create NFTs for the platform.

" Graph Blockchain (CSE:GBLC) acquires Optimum Coin Analyser

Graph Blockchain (GBLC) has completed its acquisition of Optimum Coin Analyser Inc.