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Stories that caught the attention of TMH readers this week included news from the health care, mining, and technology sectors.

Shares of these companies ran fairly steady, following the trend of the Canadian dollar, which fell only slightly this week to US$0.82/C$1.00 on Wednesday before jumping back up to US$0.83/C$1.00 at the end of the week.

The S&P/TSX composite index is currently up 0.61 per cent to 19,894.34 points, continuing its climb after the market crash in March of last year.

Here are the top stories that our investor audience had its eyes on.

Defence Therapeutics Inc. (CSE:DTC) completes AccuVAC-D001 cancer vaccine pre-clinical study

On Tuesday, May 25, Defence Therapeutics announced the completion of its AccuVAC-D001 pre-clinical study.

The cancer vaccine study showed a 70 per cent cure rate of mice with pre-established solid tumors, indicating that AccuVAC can be positively adapted to engineered universal DC vaccines.

“This puts Defence and its technology on the path for future development of universal therapeutic vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases vaccines”, said Mr. Plouffe, CEO of Defence Therapeutics.

Shares of Defence Therapeutics soared this week after closing trading last week at $3.35 per share, and are up 0.21 per cent as of 12:09 pm on Friday, May 28, trading at $4.79 per share.

Eloro Resources (TSXV:ELO) provides update on its Iska Iska Silver-Tin Polymetallic Project

Eloro Resources announced on Wednesday that it had completed 33 diamond drill holes totalling 14,346.7 metres at several targets within the Iska Iska project.

Drilling intersected multiple mineralized intercepts, including one location which discovered 146.19 grams of silver equivalent per tonne over 10.2 metres.

A study of the underground channel samples identified four mineralogical domains that cover the entire sampling area, suggesting that they are related and represent a single, large mineralizing system.

Shares of Eloro Resources fell slightly following a near all time high of $5.22 per share last Friday, May 21, and are currently down 1.24 per cent, trading at $4.79 per share as of 1:06 pm ET.

Kenorland Minerals (TSXV:KLD) announces initial drill results at the Regnault gold discovery

Also in mining, Kenorland Minerals announced initial drill results from the recently completed 8,591m diamond drill program at the Regnault gold discovery.

The holes reported in this article were following up on mineralization encountered during the initial drill programs in early 2020 which resulted in the discovery of the Regnault gold system.

Of the reported 15 drill holes, 14 of them intersected notable mineralization, including 21RDD024, which intersected 5.72m at 90.56 g/t Au, as well as 21RDD037, a 250-meter step-out to the west of 21RDD024, which intersected 25.33m at 6.29 g/t Au.

Shares of Kenorland Minerals reached an all-time high of $1.32 per share on Thursday before falling slightly to $1.28 per share as of Friday at 1:01 pm ET.

HPQ Silicon (TSXV:HPQ) joins team developing silicon-based anode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Also on Wednesday, HPQ Silicon Resources (HPQ) announced that it is working with PyroGenesis (PYR) and the Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Centre (EMT) to research the use of silicon-based materials as active anode materials for lithium-ion batteries.

HPQ Silicon and PyroGenesis will be responsible for the production of silicon materials from the PUREVAP Quartz Reduction Reactor and the PUREVAP Nano Silicon Reactor, while the EMT will be responsible for the characterization of the materials and the optimization of the electrode formulations at laboratory scale.

This research poises HPQ Silicon to become the anode silicon material supplier of choice for the battery industry.

Shares of HPQ Silicon Resources are down slightly from $0.88 per share at the beginning of the week to $0.84 per share as of 1:17 pm ET on Friday.

Xigem Technologies (CSE:XIGM) appoints Carli Posner to Advisory Board

The final story that caught the attention of readers is the appointment of Carli Posner, CEO and Principal of The Notable Group, to Xigem Technologies’ advisory board.

Throughout her career, Posner has created over C$100 million worth of marketing initiatives, sponsorships and endorsements with top brands including Mastercard, General Motors, RBC, BMW and LG.

Xigem operates as a SaaS technology platform for the emerging remote economy.

Shares of Xigem Technologies were fairly steady this week, falling only slightly to $0.35 per cent on Friday.

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