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The security market is only growing, and autonomous robotics and drone company RDARS Inc. (CSE:RDRS) has achieved a major technological breakthrough.

RDARS’ swarm technology has managed something never seen before, with the potential to benefit multiple facets of our public lives, from the workplace, schools, malls, and elsewhere.

The company has just finalized the development and testing of its patent-pending Eagle Watch Mesh Mod V1.0.

This advancement enables remote Eagle Nest stations and Eagle Eye drones to communicate with each other locally and offers the option for a remote command and control centre.

The Eagle Nests stations and Eagle Eye drones will have the option of communicating directly with each other via intelligent coordination. This will help to provide the utmost security surveillance, reporting, and intervention possible. The new functionality of the Mesh Mod Eagle Watch provides the operator with the option to have the Eagle Watch Platform automatically decide which Eagle Eye Drone or Eagle Nest Station responds in a given situation and arranges the timing of take-offs and landings for more continuous coverage.

Each Eagle Nest station acts as an uplink for any other Eagle Nest drone in its vicinity, offering redundancy for enhanced command and controlled reliability.

The company’s CTO, Jason Braverman, explained that this is that beyond the intelligence now programmed into the Eagle Eye drones and Eagle Nest stations, in many ways, this solution becomes self-healing.

“For example, if one Nest is connected to SpaceX’s Starlink, and the other Nests nearby lose communication uplinks for any reason, they can send their data via the Starlink connected Nest.”

The uniqueness of Eagle Watch’s software platform is that it is completely developed in-house by RDARS, a tailored rarity not found in other packages available on the market today. From UAS to UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), Eagle Watch has a critical mission for a fault-tolerant platform ready for global deployment. RDARS believes that the future stems from the beyond line-of-sight of the UAS systems that requires the necessary tools to integrate these systems safely into the National Airspace.

This is a localized deployed network on a property with multiple Autonomous-Drones-in-Boxes, a “swarm” of Eagle Nest Stations and Eagle Eye Drones communicating and coordinating intelligent security monitoring and protocols to the Eagle Watch platform.

The company’s CEO, Charles Zwebner, said this marks a dream of the future for the team, achieved today.

“This is an innovative design, technological breakthrough, and milestone for the company, and we are looking to deploy this as soon as possible in the field. We are anticipating 2023 to be a banner year for RDARS”

CEO Zwebner sat down with Sabrina Cuthbert to discuss this important development.

The company is aiming for sales mid-next year, an ideal time as the drone market is projected to grow continuously over the decade, poised to record a compound annual growth rate of more than 15 per cent by 2027, according to market analysis firm Mordor Intelligence.

RDARS is advancing the security industry’s approach to protecting properties by introducing autonomous systems that allow for real-time response, situation awareness, verification, intervention, evidence recording, data capture, analysis, and immediate downstream transmissions to public safety agencies.

RDARS can receive, analyze, and downstream the data and inform public safety agencies who the perpetrators are before they even arrive at the property.

Its solution is expected to be a complete unified platform that provides unique and valuable situational awareness for all types of security requirements.

There is no system on the market today which can provide cost-effective coverage of a physical location both inside and outside to ensure safety and security.

This company has designed a tool kit able to take the protection of property to the next level, be it from public safety to commercial delivery. This is one stock where investors would be wise to deepen their due diligence.

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