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Now that 2023 is in full swing, the start of a new year is an exciting time for investors — in the fast-moving world of investments, looking to the future is sometimes better than reminiscing on the past. After the rollercoaster year that was 2022 in the markets, a fresh start couldn’t come at a better time.

As we ease into 2023, public companies will be carrying out the challenges of financing conditions in tough markets and the restrictions that can have on advancing projects in a variety of sectors.

Industries such as renewable energy are gearing up for a busy 2023, catapulted by growing demand and long-term initiatives that are making headway. Although project timelines could be extended, the fact that government intervention is also driving this trend to continue to evolve will surely put the industry on the path toward success and set the stage for future growth in 2024.

Putting it simply, even though challenges across the markets will likely persist, that doesn’t mean there aren’t savvy investment decisions to be made. With the new year now officially underway, there will be no shortage of exciting opportunities that will no doubt be enticing to investors.

Download The Market Herald Thematica’s Investor’s Guide to Market Opportunities in 2023 here.

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