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  • Talon Metals Corp (TSX:TLO) has completed pre-concentration test work at the Tamarack Nickel-Copper-Cobalt project in Minnesota 
  • Nickel sulphide mineralization at the Tamarack Project has been upgraded to above 0.7 per cent
  • The feed sample was upgraded from 0.57 per cent nickel to 1.18 per cent, an increase in grade of 107 per cent
  • Talon Metals are joint venture partners with Rio Tinto on the Tamarack Gold Project in Minnesota 
  • Talon Metals Corp (TLO) is down 12.5 per cent, with shares trading at C$0.075 and a market cap of $37 million

Talon Metals Corp (TSX:TLO) has completed pre-concentration test work at their Joint Venture with Rio Tinto, the Tamarack Project in Minnesota.

The test program was for the removal of silicate minerals from the course rock, to determine the true mineral value within the drill hole.

As part of the test program, the silicate minerals were then subjected to a heavy liquid separation test, a simulation for a low-cost method to separate metals of different densities as part of the extraction process.

Oliver Peters, the Metallurgist from Talon who oversaw the testing, commented on the testing today.

“The recoveries for nickel were particularly impressive considering that the electron microscope test results indicate that only 85 per cent of the nickel in the rock mass is associated with sulphide,” he said.

Only nickel sulphide contained in the deposit is recoverable, the remaining 15 per cent is locked away in non-sulphide minerals not recoverable by heavy liquid separation.

The feed sample was upgraded from 0.57 percent of nickel to 1.18 per cent nickel, an increase in grade of 107 per cent over 32.8 per cent of the mass.

The overall nickel recovery was 70.6 per cent, which translates to almost 82 per cent of nickel sulphide recovery.

The copper grade was increased from 0.34 per cent copper to 0.79 per cent copper at 71.8 per cent recovery.

The company recorded the Nickel sulphide mineralisation at the project has been upgraded from below cut-off grade (below 0.7 per cent) to above cut off. 

CEO of Talon Henri van Rooyen today commented on the test.

“We are planning to test a sample representative of disseminated mineralization north of the present mine plan documented in our updated Preliminary Economic Assessment.

“We plan to also conduct further geotechnical studies to investigate bulk mining methods.

“If economic, our goal is to double the 8-year mine life as presented in our updated Preliminary Economic Assessment,” he said.

Talon Metals Corp (TLO) is down 12.5 per cent, with shares trading for C$0.075 at 1:40 pm EST. 

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