Stingray - President and CEO, Eric Boyko
President and CEO, Eric Boyko
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  • Stingray (RAY.A) has signed a new deal with the Canadian Communications Systems Alliance (CCSA) 
  • The new deal allows CCSA to broadcast 12 new Stingray music video channels to its members 
  • The channels include PalmaresADISQ par Stingray, a channel focused on Quebecois artists 
  • Other channels include Stingray Hits, Stingray Retro, Stingray Loud, Stingray Vibe and Stingray Country 
  • Stingray (RAY.A) is down 0.38 per cent and is trading at C$5.31 per share 

Stingray (RAY.A) has completed a deal with The Canadian Communication Systems Alliance (CCSA), expanding Stingray’s offerings to CCSA subscribers.

The agreement will give CCSA commercial and residential subscribers access to several Stingray music video channels.

President and CEO of Stingray, Eric Boyko, said he was thrilled to be expanding the agreement with CCSA to provide members with access to its entertainment offering.

“Our partnership creates an important opportunity to unleash the power of music through a diverse product portfolio.

“By providing viewers with the highest level of service and choice, we leverage their trust, which in turn only makes our relationship with CCSA stronger over time,” he said.

CCSA will pick up 12 Stingray music video channels, including video-on-demand services, Stingray Karaoke and Qello Concerts.

The PalmaresADISQ par Stingray channel will also be available, which is a Quebec-focused channel that primarily shows videos from Quebec artists.

Other channels include Stingray Hits, Stingray Retro, Stingray Loud, Stingray Vibe and Stingray Country.

The Stingray Festival 4K channel will also be available and caters to audiences who want to see live music performances, something Stingray expects to be very popular during ongoing coronavirus lockdowns.

The three other channels to be broadcast on CCSA will be the Stingray Now 4K channel, Stingray Naturescape and Stingray Classica.

Jay Thomson, CEO of the CCSA, said music has an incredible impact on the daily lives on Canadians.

“From stimulating our mind and sparking our imagination, to creating the perfect ambiance and triggering a memory – music allows us to experience every emotion imaginable.

“And at times, such as these, we’re reminded of just how important music is in bringing people together.

“Stingray has been an important partner of the CCSA for many years and we’re very pleased to be able to offer their exceptional suite of services to the CCSA membership,” he said.

Stingray (RAY.A) is down 0.38 per cent and is trading at C$5.31 per share at 11:10 am EDT. 

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