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  • StageZero Life Sciences (TSX:SZLS) has updated shareholders on its COVID-19 testing in the US
  • The company currently offers two types of COVID-19 testing, and is in the process of validating a third
  • StageZero has begun testing and accepting orders, with over 250,000 expressions of interest
  • The company will price the tests between approximately C$70 and $176 each
  • StageZero Life Sciences (SZLS) is up 12.00 per cent, and is currently trading for $0.14 per share

StageZero Life Sciences (TSXSZLS) has provided an update about the company’s COVID-19 testing operations in the US.

StageZero has now begun actively testing people in the US for COVID-19 and is also accepting initial orders for tests. Thus far, initial interest for its tests has exceeded 250,000 in number. 

The company can currently provide two types of testing; PCR-based nucleic acid tests, and qualitative antibody testing. 

The company has stated that it will price its test between approximately C$70.40 and $176.

StageZero is in the process of validating and approving a third kind, quantitative antibody testing. Once full validation and approval is complete, the company will add the quantitative version to its offering.

StageZero plans to make its antibody testing a two-step process. The first test will be the qualitative test, which is already approved. The company will follow up any positive results from the first test with another antibody test, the quantitative version. 

James Howard-Tripp, the Chairman and CEO of StageZero Life Sciences, explained the need for this particular process. 

“This is about providing as accurate a set of results as we currently can while we, as society, determine both the spread of the disease as well as who has developed antibodies to it. 

“The two tests, with sensitivity and specificity in the high 90’s, in combination, is estimated to provide a Positive Predictive Value of 99 per cent. This is the approach major centres are taking and is part of the FDA narrative. It will also place us amongst the leaders in the approach to reliable testing,” he said. 

StageZero is up 12.00 per cent, and is currently trading for $0.14 per share, as of 11:02am EST.

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