Sano Nanotech, President and CEO, Darren Rowles
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  • Sona Nanotech (CSE:SONA) has announced a partnership with UK-based Bond Digital Health
  • Bond Digital Health will help to integrate data capture and analysis to Sona’s coronavirus (Covid-19) rapid screening test
  • The data could allow the spread of the virus to be monitored and mapped in real time
  • Bond’s proprietary platform offers secure and regulatory-compliant data
  • Sona Nanotech shares are currently up 16.28 per cent to C$0.25, with a market cap of C$14.43 million

Sona Nanotech (CSE:SONA) has announced a partnership with Bond Digital Health to help develop its rapid screening test for the coronavirus (Covid-19).

On February 10, Sona Nanotech announced the development of a screening test able to diagnose infected people in five to ten minutes for under C$50.

Existing tests require specialised professionals and can take hours to produce results.

The proposed input from Bond Digital Health will see the integration of its data capture and analysis technology, enabling the spread of the virus to be monitored and tracked in real time.

After test completion, the results will be collected through either a reader system or mobile app, then stored securely on the cloud.

Results will also include the total number of tests administered, geolocation and patient demographics.

Sona Nanotech CEO, Darren Rowles, said that the addition of the data technology “will significantly improve the value and functionality of the test for the medical community, helping authorities detect, manage and control the spread of this outbreak.”

Based in Cardiff, the UK, Bond Digital Health holds the only data capture and analysis service specifically designed for lateral flow devices.

The company’s data platform also offers high level security and is fully compliant with applicable regulations.

“The Covid-19 outbreak demonstrates the urgent global need for digitally connected, data-driven rapid diagnostic test systems,” said Bond Digital Health’s Commercial Director, Phil Groom.

“Sona Nanotech’s proprietary nanotechnology has already demonstrated exceptional levels of sensitivity in tests compared to other commercially available particles.”

Covid-19 was first detected in China’s city of Wuhan in December last year. Since then more than 71,000 people have been infected with 1,775 confirmed fatalities.

Shares in Sona Nanotech are currently up 16.28 per cent to C$0.25, with a market cap of C$14.43 million.

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