Siyata Mobile Inc., - CEO, Marc Seelenfreund
CEO, Marc Seelenfreund
Source: Kin Communications
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  • Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM) has launched the new line of Uniden cellular signal boosters
  • The new line includes the Uniden U60C 4G and Uniden U65C 4G, both of which improve network connectivity
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic sends millions into quarantine at home, demand for better cellular signal has risen sharply
  • The products will help employees working from home, students unable to attend school and people in troubled cellular zones
  • Siyata Mobile (SIM) is down 8.11 per cent, and is currently trading for C$0.17 per share

Siyata Mobile (TSXV:SIM) has launched the next generation of Uniden cellular signal boosters, as COVID-19 sends millions into self-isolation.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced millions of workers to leave their office buildings and work from home. School closures have also left students with no choice but to learn and study online.

According to a BNN Bloomberg article, the remote working growth rate was previously about 10 per cent a year. Now that rate has skyrocketed, as people everywhere isolate themselves at home in order to decrease the chance of infection. 

The unexpected flood of extra users has put enormous strain on networks. Many telecommunication and internet providers are struggling to keep up with the new levels of demand. 

Siyata Mobile’s CEO, Marc Seelenfreund, commented on the virus’ unanticipated impact on communications. 

“Millions of North American homes and businesses suffer from weak cellular signals, causing missed/dropped calls, and slow data speeds. This is being magnified even more as cities, schools, and businesses everywhere implement work-from-home policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Uniden Cellular Signal Boosters are perfect for improving network connectivity to work, study, or take a break,” he said. 

Siyata’s new home office line includes the Uniden U60C 4G and Uniden U65C 4G, which both improve network connectivity. 

They can increase cellular signals in the basement, garage, attic and other remote corners of a property. The new models can connect up to thirty cellular devices, and improve signals in troubled zones up to 4,000 square feet. 

Both booster kits are easily installable, and will immediately provide clearer phone calls and faster data speeds. 

“Over the last three years, we have seen steady sales of signal boosters. Customers have taken measures to improve signal reliability for calls and data, in office buildings, warehouses, commercial vehicles, homes, and more,” Marc added.

Demand is now shifting to include remote work, education and entertainment for home offices. We are pleased that our Uniden Cellular Signal Boosters can help people stay connected to loved ones, stay informed about the news, keep working, and continue studying,” he concluded. 

Siyata Mobile (SIM) is down 8.11 per cent, and trading for C$0.17 per share as of 12:47pm EST.

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