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  • Sixth Wave Innovations (SIXW) has commenced trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), effective immediately.
  • The North American nanotechnology company provides innovative detection and extraction products, services, and equipment.
  • The company’s technologies have applications in a variety of industries, and span over 40 countries. 
  • Sixth Wave’s shares will be listed under the code SIXW.
  • Sixth Wave’s share price is currently unavailable, since it has only just been added to the CSE.

Nanotechnology manufacturer Sixth Wave Innovations (SIXW) has listed the company’s common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), as of February 11th 2020.

The North American-based company designs, manufactures, and provides products, services, and technologies for detecting and extracting various materials. 

Founded in 2013, Sixth Wave specialises in the design and manufacturing of bespoke molecules or “nano-machines”, which can detect and extract valuable materials and substances at miniscule levels.

At the epicentre of Sixth Wave’s technology are Molecular Imprinted Polymers (MIP’s), durable polymer beads imprinted with adsorption micropores. MIP’s can precisely match the molecular geometry of organic materials like cannabinoids, or inorganic materials like metals.

Sixth Wave’s products, services, and technologies have far-reaching applications across a range of industries. Today, Sixth Wave has patent applications and protections in over 40 countries.

Sixth Wave intends to aggressively expand into Canadian sectors, starting with companies in gold production and cannabis processing. The company’s nanotechnology products, IXOS-AuC and Affinity, will be of great assistance in “increasing recoveries and maximising profits” for these industries.

President and CEO of Sixth Wave, Dr Jonathan Gluckman, commented on the move to the CSE. “We’re delighted to make this important transition to the capital markets, as a means of accelerating our growth trajectory and maximising our future visibility.”

Sixth Wave’s share price is currently unavailable, since it has only just been added to the CSE.

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