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  • SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) has introduced Q to help combat the growth of ransomware attacks
  • Q was developed to manage digital fraud, which can be run in the background of your computer
  • It can detect changes to your data such as encryption and can immediately authenticate whether your data has been modified or if it’s the original version
  • Shares of SoLVBL Soltuions are down 10.53 per cent to C$0.08 as of 10:22 a.m. EDT

SoLVBL Solutions (SOLV) has announced the introduction of Q in order to combat the growth of ransomware attacks.

The company’s Q platform seals data and enables users to check the authenticity of their data. When run in the background continuously, Q alerts customers to the encryption key data by hackers.

As ransomware attacks continue to grow — such as recent ones including the Colonial Pipeline one which caused gas shortages in the US — it is also becoming easier for attackers to steadily encrypt key files and ask users for money in exchange for receiving data back.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, SoLVBL Solutions is a solutions-based engineering company that specializes in products that address critical data integrity problems.

The company’s Q platform is a proprietary patent-pending data authentication solution that provides speed and scalability, enhanced confidentiality and cost-effective implementation and operations.

Shares of SoLVBL Soltuions are down 10.53 per cent to C$0.08 as of 10:22 a.m. EDT.

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