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" Psyched Wellness (CSE:PSYC) announces partnership with Vantage Hemp Co.

Psyched Wellness (PSYC) has announced a manufacturing partnership with Vantage Hemp Co.
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" Algernon Pharmaceuticals (CSE:AGN) files for approval for Phase 1 DMT Human Stroke Study

Algernon (AGN) has filed a Clinical Trials of Investigational Medicinal Products and Ethics Approval application with the UK MHRA.

" Entheon Biomedical (CSE:ENBI) subsidiary enters agreement with Psychedelics Today

Entheon Biomedical Corp. (ENBI) has entered into an agreement with Psychedelics Today, LLC to drive awareness for the Psychedelics Genetic Test Kit.
Optimi Health Corp. - Chief Science Officer, Justin Kirkland

" Optimi Health (CSE:OPTI) submits psilocybin formulation for patent

Optimi Health Corp. (OPTI) has submitted a second patent for a two-part processing method involving the extraction and delivery of psilocybin active components.
Red Light Holland - Director and CEO, Todd Shapiro (Right).

" Red Light Holland (CSE:TRIP) collaborates with Psychedelic Medicine Alliance to legalize psilocybin in Washington State

Red Light Holland (TRIP) is collaborating with Psychedelic Medicine Alliance Washington to promote a psilocybin legalization bill in Washington State.

" PharmaDrug (CSE:PHRX) director resigns from board

PharmaDrug Inc. (PHRX) has announced the resignation of Robert Schwartz from the board of directors.
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" PharmAla Biotech (CSE:MDMA) now trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange

PharmAla Biotech (MDMA) began trading its common shares on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) at market open on January 11, 2022.

" Levitee Labs (CSE:LVT) signs distribution agreement with Body Energy Club

Levitee Labs (LVT) has signed a distribution agreement with Body Energy Club, a leading health supplement and vitamin store in Canada.

" Core One Labs (CSE:COOL) receives Health Canada approval for DMT

Health Canada has authorized Core One (COOL) to add DMT to its Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Dealer’s License.
Silo Wellness - CEO, Douglas Gordon

" Silo Wellness (CSE:SILO) appoints CEO Douglas K. Gordon to the board of directors

Silo Wellness (SILO) CEO, Douglas K. Gordon, has been appointed as a director of the company.
Red Light Holland - Director and CEO, Todd Shapiro (Right).

" Red Light Holland (CSE:TRIP) completes second evaluation of psilocybin truffles

Red Light Holland (TRIP) has received the second report for its psilocybin truffles from a Health Canada-approved laboratory.

" Field Trip (TSX:FTRP) helps Canadians access psilocybin-assisted and MDMA-assisted therapy

Field Trip Health (FTRP) will begin submitting applications for Canadians in need to access psilocybin-assisted and MDMA-assisted therapy.

" Entheon Biomedical (CSE:ENBI) provides update on DMT Human Trial

Entheon Biomedical (ENBI) has provided an update on its DMT human trial and regulatory submission to the BEBO ethics committee.
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" Mindset Pharma (CSE:MSET) and the McQuade Center partner to develop psychedelic medicines

The McQuade Center (MSRD) and Mindset Pharma (MSET) have announced a collaboration to support the development of psychedelic medicines.

" Core One Labs (CSE:COOL) acquires New Path Laboratories

Core One (COOL) has acquired New Path Laboratories, a developer of functional mushroom health products.

" Entheon Biomedical (CSE:ENBI) psychedelics genetic test now available

Entheon Biomedical Corp.’s (ENBI) expanded psychedelics genetic testing panel is now available for sale in Canada and the United States.

" Lobe Sciences (CSE:LOBE) announces publication of PCT patent application

Lobe Sciences’ (LOBE) patent-pending therapeutic regimen designed for treating mTBI and PTSD has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Psyched Wellness - CEO and Director, Jeff Stevens.

" Psyched Wellness (CSE:PSYC) details path to U.S. market for AME-1 products

Psyched Wellness (PSYC) plans to launch its Amanita Muscaria products in the U.S. in Q2 2022.