Patriot One - Project Leaders, Dr. Savvas Nicolaou and Dr. William Parker
Project Leaders, Dr. Savvas Nicolaou and Dr. William Parker
Source: Forbes
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  • Patriot One Tech (TSX:PAT) has joined a collaborative effort to develop an AI capable of diagnosing COVID-19 
  • The project is run by the University of British Columbia, and also involves Amazon Web Services and Vancouver General Hospital 
  • The proposed AI will be able to detect COVID-19 through medical images by measuring Ground Glass Opacity 
  • Ground Glass Opacity, a hazy opacity that can occur on CT and X-Ray scans of lungs, is a leading indicator of COVID-19 
  • Patriot One Tech (PAT) is up 25 per cent and is currently trading at C$1.32 per share 

Patriot One Tech (PAT) is working on a collaborative project to diagnose COVID-19 using Artificial Intelligence.

The project aims to develop AI model capable of diagnosing coronavirus through a patient’s CT scans and X-Rays.

The project involves Amazon Web Services, Vancouver General Hospital, and the University of British Columbia.

The project will be run by the Dr. Savvas Nicolaou and Dr. William Parker, of the University of British Columbia’s Community Health and Well-being Innovation Centre. 

The project involves global data collection of CT scans and X-Rays, with annotations from a group of 14 radiologists volunteering their time to access the data.

The radiologists are segmenting images, focusing on scans showing Ground Glass Opacity (GGO), a hazy opacity that can occur on CT and X-Ray scans of lungs.

The percentage of lung volume affected by GGO is a leading indicator for COVID-19, and the development of an automated solution will assist in the quick diagnosis of the virus.

The AI team is using these labelled images to train an AI algorithm to automatically identify GGO volumes in lungs, compared to the total volume of the lung.

The company is hoping to build a model capable of achieving over 90 per cent diagnostic accuracy.

Project leader, Dr. William Parker, appears cautiously optimistic about the project’s aims.

“AI models are not magic, but this model we’ve developed is an open source gift to start answering questions.

“If we are going to get to the point of helping patients, we need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the models, and we need to have an understanding that not all models are created equal.

“The goal of our AI model is to drive feedback so that we can improve the model and make it available for clinical use in the fall of 2020,” he said.

Patriot One Tech (PAT) is up 25 per cent and is trading at C$1.32 per share at 1:00 pm EDT. 

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