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  • Ovation Science (OVAT) has appointed Dr. Darlene Walley as its Clinical Advisor
  • Dr. Walley will be tasked with guiding the company through the clinical development of its cannabinoid products
  • Dr. Walley holds 30 years of experience in a range of clinical and executive roles
  • Shares in Ovation are currently trading at C$0.27, with a market cap of C$6.27 million

Ovation Science (OVAT), a developer of topical cannabis products with a patented skin delivery technology, has appointed Dr. Darlene Walley as its Clinical Advisor.

Through her role, Dr. Walley will guide the company in the development of its topical and transdermal cannabinoid products, which include both CBD and THC.

“The addition of Darlene Walley to our team comes at a time of great strength and momentum for our company. Her experience will provide a vital resource in the coming months as we advance our cannabinoid products to the next stage,” said Ovation President, Terry Howlett.

“Dr. Walley’s contribution will play an important role in the company’s clinical study execution and in finding strategic opportunities to advance our science and IP protection. We already hear from our customers that our products are exceptionally effective, but our objective is to prove it with clinical evidence that differentiates us from our competitors.”

Dr. Walley received her BA in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve University, and subsequently her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati.

With 30 years of clinical experience in research and development and executive positions, Dr. Walley now acts as a consultant for health care, pharmaceutical and biotech companies; assisting with a wide range of functions from product launches to capital raising.

“I look forward to working with an innovative company like Ovation Science on the clinical development of their cannabinoid products, especially at this exciting time where consumers are discovering that the topical delivery of cannabinoids can potentially have a huge impact on their health and wellness,” said Dr. Walley.

“I am very familiar with Ovation’s delivery system Inviscare and the advantages it brings to the topical delivery of cannabinoids.”

Shares in Ovation are currently trading at C$0.27, with a market cap of C$6.27 million.

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