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  • Nanotech Security (NTS) has fulfilled an order for its LumaChrome security film, from a banknote and secure document integration supplier
  • The colour-shifting film will be converted into security thread for banknotes used at an Asian Central Bank
  • The converted film will be used for approximately 400 million banknotes of a single currency denomination
  • This is the latest order in a 20-year relationship, during which Nanotech has supplied LumaChrome film for this banknote denomination
  • Nanotech Security (NTS) is up 2.08 per cent and is currently trading at C$0.49 per share

Nanotech Security (NTS) has fulfilled an order for its LumaChrome security film, from a banknote and secure document integration supplier.

The company’s LumaChrome product is a colour-shifting film used for product authentication, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, and smart packaging. In particular, it has applications in the creation and authentication of banknotes, thanks to its unique colour-shifting ink.

Nanotech Security is currently one of only a few suppliers in the world which is capable of producing colour-shifting film of this quality.

The company has delivered the film to the client, for conversion into security thread. This converted film will be used to make approximately 400 million banknotes for an Asian Central Bank. The banknotes in question will be of a single currency denomination.

This latest order marks over 20 consecutive years that Nanotech Security has produced LumaChrome film for this particular banknote denomination.

Nanotech Security’s President and CEO, Troy Bullock, commented on the company’s ongoing relationship with the client.

“We are honoured to be supplying our LumaChrome film to this customer for so many years.

“This delivery was made possible by our incredible Production Team in Thurso, Quebec, who were extremely busy over the summer delivering record volumes,” he said.

Some of these volumes from Thurso were recently delivered in a similar order for a Middle Eastern Central Bank, which Nanotech announced last week.

The unnamed bank ordered 156 kilometres of the LumaChrome security film, for conversion into over 200 million banknotes. Much like the order from the banknote supplier, Nanotech Security expects the Middle Eastern order to become a recurring one.

Nanotech Security (NTS) is up 2.08 per cent and is trading at C$0.49 per share at 1:37pm EDT.

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