Namaste Technologies Inc. - CEO, Meni Morim.
CEO, Meni Morim.
Source: Lifeist Wellness.
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  • More than 550 SKUs have launched on over the past three months
  • All Namaste corporate staff will work remotely on a permanent basis, saving the company close to $140,000 per year
  • The Board of Directors has granted 311,250 stock options and 311,250 restricted share units to officers and a consultant of the company
  • Namaste Technologies Inc is an online platform for cannabis products, accessories, and responsible education
  • Namaste Technologies Inc. (N) opened trading at C$0.20 per share

Namaste Technologies (N) is pleased to provide several corporate updates.

550+ New SKUs on

Namaste is receiving a record amount of requests from vendors across North America to list their products onto the platform. More than 550 SKUs have launched in the last three months including items from these popular brands:

In Canada we have launched SKUs from the following brands:

  • Bello Vapor Tap – The world’s first vapour tap
  • Emprise – A wide range of proprietary water-soluble nano-emulsion oils and sprays
  • Heritage Cannabis – The industry leader in cannabinoid extractions and CPG innovations
  • Kalaya – Medically directed, health and beauty care brand that uses problem-solution based formulations
  • KUSHKRAFT – Embracing the rich history of cannabis by integrating its vast culture into the licensed market
  • Lumiera Health – Awaye – A non-regulated cannabinoid derived topical cream for the potential treatment of joint and muscle pain

In the USA we have further expanded our platform with the addition of SKUs from the following brands:

  • 7NRG – World’s first fully recyclable sports nutrition shake that combines energy and protein powders with hemp-derived CBD
  • CBD For The People – A hemp-derived CBD flower producer
  • Martha Stewart CBD – Combining gourmet flavours with state-of-the-art hemp-derived CBD isolate
  • Kine Industries – Sublingual products infused with the highest quality hemp-derived CBD and CBG extracted from industrial hemp that contains no THC, and are vegan and gluten-free
  • FullBodyZen – a vertically integrated hemp-derived CBD / CBG / Hemp / Melatonin Supplier
  • Shine Brands – The parent company of Shine Papers is the inventor of the world’s first 24K gold rolling paper

Namaste corporate makes move to virtual office permanent:

The company has successfully subleased its Toronto office location until the expiry of its lease on October 30, 2024. All corporate staff now work virtually from anywhere in the world.

“We are a global company that hires the best talent irrespective of their location,” said Meni Morim, CEO of Namaste.

“Furthermore, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as part of developing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) plans, appreciating that ESG is increasing in importance to all stakeholders.”

This strategic and sustainable decision will also save the company approximately $138,000 annually.

Award grants:

The Board of Directors and its compensation committee consulted with independent industry experts to best determine the overall remuneration package to stay competitive in the marketplace and to attract and retain top-tier talent.

The Board of Directors has approved the grant of an aggregate of 311,250 stock options to officers and a consultant of the company, which are exercisable into common shares of Namaste at a price of $0.25 per common share. The stock options granted to officers and employees have a term of four years in equal tranches every six months over three years from the applicable grant date and will expire on June 13, 2025, and May 5, 2025, respectively.

The Board of Directors also approved the grant of 311,250 restricted share unit awards to officers and a consultant in accordance with the rules of the TSX Venture Exchange and the company’s Restricted Share Unit Plan adopted by shareholders at the last AGM. The RSUs granted to officers and employees vest in equal tranches every six months over three years from the date of their respective grants.

Namaste Technologies is a marketplace platform for cannabis and wellness products. provides Canadian medical customers with a diverse selection of hand-picked products from a multitude of federally licensed cultivators and US customers with access to hemp-derived CBD and smoking accessories.

The company also distributes licensed and in-house branded cannabis and cannabis-derived products in Canada through a number of provincial government control boards and retailing bodies and facilitates licensed cannabis retailer sales online in Saskatchewan.

Namaste Technologies Inc. (N) opened trading at C$0.20 per share.

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