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  • MCI Onehealth Technologies (DRDR) has announced it has invested C$250,000 with Acorn Biolabs
  • The purpose of the investment is so MCI Onehealth can accelerate its precision health and technology
  • The company will also provide support to Acorn by implmeneting its service through MCI’s clinic network
  • Certain MCI clinics will start offering Acorn’s services
  • The partnership will also help MCI expand its business from brick and mortar to a modernized technology platform 
  • Shares of MCI Onehealth rose by 3.74 per cent to $3.61 as of market close

MCI Onehealth Technologies (DRDR) has announced it has made an investment of up to C$250,000 with Acorn Biolabs.

In tandem with the investment, the company will provide commercial support for Acron’s live cell collection solution by offering Acorn’s services through select MCI clinics. These services will include non-invasive hair follicle-based stem cell collection storage and live cell and genetic analysis. 

The company anticipates imlmeneting these services in its network by the end of 2021.

The purpose of the investment is to help MCI advance its precision health and technology in addition to expanding its business from traditional brick-and-mortar  into a modernized digital technology platform.

“MCI Onehealth is unlocking an exciting new phase of precision medicine that will play an integral role in the future of healthcare,” Alexander Dobranowski, MD, CEO of MCI Onehealth, said in a statement. “By expanding our personalized and preventative healthcare services through innovations like Acorn’s industry-leading stem cell harvesting and storage, our ongoing mission to improve patient outcomes and save lives is made significantly stronger.”

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, MCI Onehealth is focused on improving primary care through its healthcare technology, which is backed by artificial intelligence and science.

MCI Onehealth operates 25 clinics across Canada and services over  850,000 patients on an annual basis.

Shares of MCI Onehealth  rose  by 3.74 per cent to $3.61 as of market close.

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