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" Today’s market summary: Canadian wages dwarfed by record inflation

The TSX slumped today on higher-than-expected inflation data.
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" Today’s market summary: Good day, bad week!

After raising the blood pressure of investors by falling to its lowest level in a year, Canada’s main stock index rebounded on Friday,
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" Today’s market summary: S&P/TSX Composite Index inches toward correction zone

The week has not been a bright one for Canada’s main stock index.
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" Today’s market summary: tight labour supply spurs inflation on

The TSX fell today with technology shares dropping 3.67 per cent to a two-year low.

" Today’s market summary: commodities keep a Canadian recession at bay

The TSX was up over 1 per cent on Wednesday on higher crude prices and energy shares.
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" Today’s market summary: TSX benchmark index records ninth straight month of gains

Despite the ongoing pandemic and war-induced challenges, the TSX benchmark index is on track to record its ninth straight month of gains.  
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" Today’s market summary: rising prices herald hawkish rate hikes ahead

After a steady first half of the week, the TSX took a steep fall on Thursday to a five-week low.
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" Today’s market summary: soaring inflation pushes Canada’s interest rate to a 22-year high

These are not the best of times for the Canadian economy.
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" Today’s market summary: oil round-trips to pre-invasion levels as Canada nears full employment

The TSX has undergone a change of fortune over the past day or so.
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" Today’s market summary: inflation front and centre ahead of next week’s policy decision

The TSX began the week with a boost from energy stocks riding increased oil prices.

" Today’s market summary: S&P/TSX composite index hit record high on Thursday, as countries find ways to counter Putin’s rouble threat

It was a week of good news for Canada.

" Today’s market summary: the U.S. debates cannabis legalization while oil continues to swing as Russia-Ukraine peace talks falter

The TSX has been on a steady climb since a sharp drop mid-Monday morning.

" Today’s market summary: the shunning of Russian oil takes shape

The TSX was flat today with gains in energy and cannabis offset by losses in technology.

" Today’s market summary: oil spikes as Western leaders deliberate Russian response

The start of the week has marked the TSX’s longest winning streak since October last year.

" Today’s market summary: the TSX notches fourth straight week of gains

The TSX added to yesterday’s record high boosted by industrial and technology stocks.

" Today’s market summary: inflation ticks higher with gas up 32 per cent YoY

The week began with the TSX plunging over 1 per cent due to ongoing commodity volatility.

" Today’s market summary: commodities continue to shield the TSX from short-term pain

The TSX outperformed Wall Street on Thursday on gains in energy and gold mining shares.
Market summary - President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky.

" Today’s market summary: oil plummets on U.S. ban of Russian oil

The TSX rose over 2 per cent this morning on strength in tech and consumer discretionary.

" Today’s market summary: the TSX outpaces global indices marred by conflict

The TSX was up by 0.45 per cent in early trading on gains in commodity stocks.

" Today’s market summary: commodities shine in volatile trading

The TSX rose in early trading boosted by commodity stocks and upbeat domestic GDP data.