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  • Maple Leaf Green World (NEO:MGW) has announced that the greenhouses for its California Hemp Project are complete and operational
  • The company’s shipment of La Crème cannabis strain seedlings has arrived early, and is now in the germination nursery
  • Maple Leaf has observed strong growth in its seedlings, and can double the number of clones clipped from each plant
  • The company is currently updating its website to enable online purchases of products
  • Maple Leaf Green World (MGW) is holding steady, with shares trading at 5.5 cents 

Maple Leaf Green World (NEO:MGW) has announced that the greenhouses for its California Hemp Project are complete and fully operational.

The cannabis company’s six greenhouses include a nursery measuring approximately 2000 square feet. The nursery will be the place for germinating seeds, housing mother plants, and crossbreeding strains. 

As a whole, Maple Leaf’s total growing capacity will be approximately 17,000 square feet. However, the company has also cleared an additional 10,000 square feet of land, which is ready for further expansion.

Maple Leaf’s shipment of La Crème seedlings has arrived early and is now in the germination nursery. By all accounts, the seedlings are perfectly healthy and have been maturing for a week. 

The La Crème CBG strain has a top-quality reputation, because of its CBG and THC concentrations. The strain has an 18 per cent concentration of CBG, with 0.20 per cent of THC. 

With its greenhouses now operational, Maple Leaf has been observing its seedlings to determine potential. The company’s main product line from the harvest will include flowers, seeds, and biomass. 

Customers will also be able to request the creation of clones. While inspecting its seedlings, the company has observed strong growth, which bodes well for its cloning capabilities. Maple Leaf should easily double the number of clones clipped from each plant, from an estimated 1,500 to 3,000. 

Each plant should produce approximately two pounds of cured flowers or 10,000 seeds, and 3 pounds of CBG biomass. The company intends to start propagation this week, with new cuttings every two weeks. This schedule will yield three to five clones per plant biweekly, and roughly 300,000 clones per year. La Crème clones are currently worth approximately C$7.04 each. 

Maple Leaf’s President and CEO, Raymond Lai, expressed the company’s excitement at reaching this incredible milestone.

“Our team has done a fantastic job moving this project ahead, while dealing with a global pandemic. We are looking forward to the next few weeks, when we will be moving all the clones into the remaining greenhouses and starting a full cultivation operation,” he said. 

In related news, Maple Leaf is currently updating its company website, to include a product and shopping module. The enhancements will allow customers to make inquiries and online purchases for La Crème strain clones, seeds, flowers and biomass. 

Maple Leaf Green World (MGW) is holding steady, with shares trading at 5.5 cents, as of 9:41am EST.

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