Managed IT Services As A Money Saving Mechanism
Lloyd Ainey
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Successful business owners realize the importance of reducing operating costs without affecting their company’s overall performance. Saving time and money is always a fundamental business goal, and it is more important than ever in small and midsize companies. When it comes to the bottom line, managed IT services is one of the best ways to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably. Managed services plans include network monitoring and security, data backup and disaster relief, server maintenance, cloud storage and IT consulting and management.

In today’s every-changing technology landscape, enlisting the support of managed services helps to greatly improve the performance of your business. In fact, most organizations have seen substantial IT cost reductions as a result of working with managed service providers.
Here are 6 fundamental ways an IT managed service provider can save you money.

Save Time To Focus On What You Do Best

Innovative entrepreneurs and executives should always be trying to work smarter, not harder. Business owners have limited time and attention and should be focused on their business and what they do best. It’s just good business sense. By focusing on your core competencies and running your business, you will spend less time dealing with tech malfunctions and cybersecurity nightmares and have more time to focus on your business goals. Essentially, a managed IT firm becomes the expert, ensuring your needs are met and that technology continually propels your business forward, leaving you to focus 100% on building your business.

Avoid Costly Cyberattacks

If you get hacked, you lose company time, money and data in a matter of seconds. A security breach could be detrimental to your business by negatively impacting the ability to serve your customers. Clients can lose faith in your business, causing damage to your hard-earned reputation. Once that happens, it is an uphill battle to win them back. Some of the damage caused by cyberattacks could actually be irreversible, costing losses to businesses so great that many won’t recover as a result.

As businesses face unprecedented new threats, the ability to avoid and mitigate cybersecurity threats will be critical to success over the next decade. Over 75% of all security attacks target select industries: healthcare, finance and insurance, manufacturing, telecommunication and the retail sector.

There is a chance that if your company is among these industries listed you have already been breached or targeted for the next attack from cybercriminals. Don’t wait to contact an IT company until the moment you are facing a security breach. It could cost you greatly and leave you at the mercy of a company that could take advantage of your misfortune.

Avoid Lost Productivity

When hardware breaks or systems fail, productivity drops. Staff and expensive equipment sit idle, and time, money and resources are directed toward damage control instead of productive work.

By not using IT services, you may think that you are saving costs in the short term, but you will end up spending more money in the long term when technology doesn’t work properly.

In fact, businesses can lose thousands of dollars every minute by lost revenue opportunities, especially if you specialize in financial trading or the mining sector.

Managed services help to avoid any loss in productivity and allow your business to save time and run effectively.

Because productivity can be directly affected by breakdowns, it is important to have a trusted managed services provider to provide ongoing support and to ensure your business remains productive and uninterrupted.

The productivity that your business will attain from managed services will greatly outweigh the cost.

Control expenses

Saving money is usually at the top of every business owner’s priorities. Controlling expenses is a daily goal, and sometimes your infrastructure can make this a challenge.

Managed services allow a business to maintain its IT environment for a fixed cost each month allowing you to take control over your budget. A consistent, fixed expense like this can give your budget some much-needed breathing room for investment into your business.

Use the cost savings to invest in talented staff, spend on marketing and sales efforts and focus more efforts towards customer service, all of which will grow your business.

Improve operations

With technological innovation changing at such a rapid pace, it is very difficult for business managers to keep pace. Who has the time to research all the latest cutting-edge innovations?

Fully managed IT services can provide options for efficiencies and increased production because they are technical experts and have the latest training and expertise to improve the efficiency of your business while benefiting your bottom line.

Additionally, the costs associated with hiring and training employees can be quite high. For business, without a dedicated HR department, it means they simply don’t have the resources to employ a dedicated IT position. By outsourcing IT services, you can eliminate this issue and save on hiring costs and expenses by only paying for the services that you need.

Reduce risk

Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk, but most smart business owners and managers strive to mitigate risk as much as possible.

Outsourcing to a managed service provider will assume and manage much of this risk for you, with specific industry knowledge, in particular security and compliance issues. In industries that need to remain compliant like finance and healthcare, a managed IT services plan will make sure that all networks and infrastructure are set up correctly and always up to date with the latest guidelines.

Low Earth Orbit Satellites – The Future Of Connectivity

Low earth orbit satellites are the new technological innovation that is now inhabiting our sky. Thousands of small satellites are located around the globe with the intent to provide internet coverage for regions too remote to be connected via traditional network links.

This technology will not only improve internet connections in rural and remote communities but will also be essential in today’s work-from-home environments. Working remotely is now becoming the ‘new normal’ and having access to fast and reliable internet is a necessity in the regular course of business.

Low earth orbit satellite broadband services will provide low-latency communications that will prove to be especially critical to the mining sector and energy companies.

Essentially this technology will enable the use of cloud applications, improve cellular service, increase and improve the ability to access data in real-time and improve data processing between offices in a safe and secure way.

The main advantage of low orbit satellites is the speed. The time needed for data to be sent and returned is shorter than satellites further out. Other benefits include low cost and overall greater global connectivity.

At Interface Technologies, servicing remote clients comprises a large part of what we do. Our managed IT services portfolio fits right in with the business needs of a mining company that might have remote offices, mining locations and workers. We’ve been the backbone of several mining and exploration companies for years and have witnessed some these companies grow exponentially with us behind them. We can help traverse the geographical challenges a mining company faces and make long distances seem a lot shorter. Contact us for customized remote satellite packages.


Interface Technologies is a leading Managed IT Services Company located in Toronto, Ontario.

For over 30 years, Interface Technologies has been providing managed IT services to hundreds of successful businesses in the Toronto and surrounding areas. We have your IT service needs covered from top-to-bottom with services including fibre internet, IT support and consulting, business VoIP and private cloud servers. We make it so that you only have one number to call for all your technology needs.

Best of all…we know your business. With our extensive client list across multiple industries including finance, law, mining, accounting, restaurants and healthcare. We offer a one-hour rescue guarantee, no hidden fees and 100% satisfaction. Ready to get started? Call us at 416-363-9880 or visit us at


Lloyd Ainey, Founder of Interface Technologies

Lloyd has been in the IT business for over 30 years. When he founded Interface, they specialized in manufacturing computer processors. Recognizing an opportunity to support other businesses’ IT needs, he evolved the company into a Telecom and Managed IT Service Provider. Today Lloyd works to continue Interface’s forward movement into the future of tech.

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