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  • Bitcoin Mine site operating at ~131 PH/s
  • Total monthly rewards of 23.5 Bitcoin for approximate revenues of C$1,788,000
  • Total Q1 2022 fiscal quarterly revenue of approximately C$4.23 Million (~60 BTC Mined)
  • Dean Linden, CEO of LUXXFOLIO sat down with Caroline Egan to discuss the update
  • LUXXFOLIO Holdings is a digital asset company operating an industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining facility in the US

LUXXFOLIO Holdings’ (LUXX) November updates includes record mining revenues of approximately $1.8 million and monthly rewards of 23.5 Bitcoin.

Dean Linden, CEO of Luxxfolio sat down with Caroline Egan to highlight the updates.

“We continue to accelerate our revenues through effective mine management and steadily grow our Bitcoin and Ethereum reserves through effective balance sheet management in order to maximize the enterprise value of the business,” said Kien Tran, COO of the LUXX Mining Division.

Recent company highlights

Date Milestones
May 2021: LUXXFOLIO orders 2400 Bitmain S19J Pro miners
Jun 2021:LUXXFOLIO completes acquisition of industrial-scale crypto mining operation
Jul 2021:LUXXFOLIO receives and installs 590 Avalon miners
Aug 2021:LUXXFOLIO announces expansion to increase capacity from 8MW to 15 MW
Aug 2021:LUXXFOLIO reinvests price rebate and installs an additional 100 Bitmain S19J Pro miners
Sep 2021:LUXXFOLIO enters into an agreement to acquire Ethereum mining operation
Sep 2021:LUXXFOLIO enters into a swap agreement on 600 miners and receives early delivery on 300
Sep 2021:LUXXFOLIO DTC application approved
Oct. 2021:LUXXFOLIO accepts early delivery of an additional 75 Miners (total of 675 early deliveries) resulting in a Hash Rate increase of 144% since Sept. 1, 2021
Oct. 2021:LUXXFOLIO confirms order for an additional 500 Bitmain S19J Pro miners thereby increasing anticipated future hash rate to 360 PH/s
Nov 2021:LUXXFOLIO obtains immersion-cooling for crypto mining operations with an anticipated 25 per cent increase in hash rate
Nov 2021: LUXXFOLIO accepts early delivery of an additional 100 Miners (total of 735 early deliveries) resulting in a Hash Rate increase of 162% since Sept. 1, 2021
Nov 2021:LUXXFOLIO closes acquisition of Ethereum mining operation

Estimated miner delivery dates

  • Q4 2021: 190 Miners
  • Q1 2022: 600 Miners
  • Q2 2022: 1100 Miners
  • Q3 2022: 300 Miners

LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. is a digital asset company. The company operates an industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining facility in the United States running off mostly renewable energy with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and generation of digital assets. 

LUXXFOLIO Holdings Inc. (LUXX) opened trading at $0.70 per share.

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