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  • House of Kibaa (HoK) recently published its Decentralized Metaverse Technical Vision
  • NFT-based and metaverse-related products building to solve known problems and meet the needs of community members
  • HoK’s roadmap continues planned journey toward long-term vision of a decentralized metaverse platform
  • Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (NFTX) opened trading at C$0.20.

Looking Glass Labs (NFTX) wholly-owned design studio – House of Kibaa (HoK) – has published its Decentralized Metaverse Technical Vision (the DMTV).

The DMTV is a 10-paged document that demonstrates HoK’s purpose and lays out the NFT-based and metaverse-related products that it is building to solve known problems and meet the needs of community members. A technical product vision document is key for stakeholders to understand the path forward for a Web3 studio like HoK.

Dorian Banks, Chief Executive Officer of LGL commented:

“Publishing the Decentralized Metaverse Technical Vision document is critical at this stage of HoK’s evolution because it provides our community members with a clear plan and helps them know what to expect from the studio in the near future. LGL is a company that prides itself on adding value to the Web3 environment by driving innovation forward in the form of NFTs and the metaverse as well as incorporating feedback from our stakeholders, which is very important in order to maintain trust and a strong reputation.”

Mr. Banks added:

“LGL via HoK currently has a lot of projects under development, from NFT drops and gem swap events to Overlords and Pocket Dimension experiences, to name a few. Our management team is excited and feels that the future is bright for the Company”

Headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Looking Glass Labs is a Web3 platform specializing in non-fungible token architecture, immersive metaverse environments, play-to-earn tokenization and virtual asset royalty streams. Its leading brand, House of Kibaa (“HoK”), designs and curates a next-generation metaverse for 3D assets, which allows functional art and collectibles to exist simultaneously across different NFT blockchain environments. HoK has successfully released digital assets to include GenZeroes, which sold out in just 37 minutes for total proceeds to LGL of CAD 6.2 million, in addition to a perpetual 5% royalty stream on secondary market sales. HoK plans to launch a hyper-realistic metaverse built on the latest version of Unreal Engine in 2022.

Looking Glass Labs Ltd. (NFTX) opened trading at C$0.20.

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