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  • Koios Beverage’s (KBEV) Fit Soda product has been well received in the United States since its official launch last year 
  • The beverage line is now available in both brick-and-mortar and online stores, with targeted distribution in three US states
  • Koios’ products are also being stocked by new retailer types, like gas stations and food service outlets
  • Overall sales volumes for the company’s products have steadily climbed throughout much of the 2020 financial year
  • Koios Beverage (KBEV) remains unchanged and is currently trading at C$0.075 cents per share

Koios Beverage’s (KBEV) Fit Soda product has been well received in the United States since its official launch last year.

Fit Soda is a beverage product which contains no sugar or calories, and is an alternative to popular soft drinks. The product line comes four flavours, Black Cherry Cola, Sparkling Citrus, Orange Cream, and Root Beer Vanilla Float.

Since entering the US market in 2019, Fit Soda has gained popularity and seen an increase in its distribution network. The drinks were initially released through Koios’ online store, but are now available both online and in brick-and-mortar locations.

All four flavours of Fit Soda became available on Walmart’s US online store in April 2020. Since then, overall sales volumes for Koios’ products have steadily increased through the second and third quarters of 2020.

Fit Soda is also sold by 90 retailers in Wisconsin, several sports nutrition retailers in southern California, and hundreds of independent stores in Colorado. Two regional grocery store operators also form a part of the growing distribution network. 

In addition, Koios’ product line is being stocked by new retailer types, including gas stations and food service outlets. The company’s retail partners, including GNC Holdings, have reported high satisfaction ratings for Fit Soda from their customers. 

Koios’ CEO, Chris Miller, commented on the performance of the company’s Fit Soda product line in the United States.

“In less than one year, our Fit Soda functional beverage has gotten placed in hundreds of retail stores across the country, and on Walmart’s US online store, where customers continue to express their satisfaction with our offerings with positive reviews. 

“Our regional focus in places to include Colorado, Wisconsin, and southern California has enabled us to gain amazing insights into what drives first-time and repeat purchases of Fit Soda, and we plan to use these insights to shape growth-driven strategies for potentially introducing Fit Soda to additional key markets in the near future,” he said. 

Koios Beverage (KBEV) remains unchanged and is trading at C$0.075 cents per share at 12:55pm EDT.

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