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  • Happy Belly Food Group (HBFG) has expanded the distribution of its Holy Crap Cereal and Oatmeal
  • The company has achieved a new retailer listing in 24 Thrifty Food stores and an SKU listing in all seven Whole Food stores in western Canada
  • All four SKUs of the company’s superseed cereal and five Oatmeal SKUs have been added to the Faire online platform
  • Happy Belly Food Group is a Quick Serve Restaurant and Consumer Packaged Goods wellness company
  • Happy Belly Food Group Inc. (HBFG) opened trading at $0.0125

Happy Belly Food Group (HBFG) has expanded distribution of its Holy Crap Cereal and Oatmeal through in-store retailers and an online B2B wholesale platform.

Shawn Moniz, CEO of Happy Belly Food Group, commented on the news.

“In a busy sales month, our team has delivered three separate wins expanding the distribution of our cereal and oatmeal lines of Holy Crap. Our wins consist of welcoming Thrifty Foods as a new retailer, gaining an additional listing at Whole Foods (Western Canada), and we have successfully gained listed status with 9 SKUs with Faire – an eCom platform for providing wholesale distribution to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Canada and the US. It’s been an incredible start to the new year as we continue to see the results of being a sales-driven organization. We are confident that we will continue to grow distribution as the year unfolds while driving results and creating shareholder value.”

January distribution milestones

Thrifty Foods

  • New retailer listing in 24 stores
  • An initial order for two SKUs of superseed cereal
    • Apple Cinnamon, All-Natural Blend

Whole Foods (Western Canada)

  • Additional SKU listing in all seven stores
    • All-Natural Blend
  • Existing SKUs already listed: Apple Cinnamon and Mango Coconut

Faire (Canada and US)

  • Listing of all four SKUs of our superseed Cereal
    • Mango Coconut, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Apple, All-Natural Blend
  • Listing of all five SKUs of our Oatmeal SKUs
    • Cranberry Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry Cocoa, Mango Coconut, Maple

Faire is an online B2B platform servicing wholesale transactions across Canada, the US and Europe. Hosting over 600,000 retailers across 25,000 cities. 

Happy Belly Food Group, a Quick Serve Restaurant and Consumer Packaged Goods wellness company, offers a growing number of CPG and QSR brands through its portfolio of Holy Crap Foods, YamChops, LumberHeads Food Co., Lettuce Love Café, and Heal Wellness.

Happy Belly Food Group Inc. (HBFG) opened trading at $0.0125.

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