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President/CEO of Green River Gold (CSE:CCR) Perry Little spoke to Brieanna McCutcheon of The Market Herald at the PDAC 2022 conference.

Little shared a rare occurrence…

It’s first worth noting that talc on its own is a valuable mineral. It’s the source of talcum powder. It has a $3 billion annual market. The mineral is used as a thickening agent and lubricant. It’s an ingredient in paint, roofing material, ceramics, cosmetics, etc.

Green River Corp carried out a magnetic survey a year ago. They just completed the second portion of it. The results showed a lot of nickel on their Quesnel nickel property which they anticipated. What they didn’t expect was nickel showing up in the area that had talc.

They drilled into it, discovering a bunch of nickel. Little says it’s very rare but not unique. He cited a similar project in Finland but said their nickel and talc grades are higher.

As such they are pursuing further potential mineralization elsewhere on the property.

Little laughed it off when asked about challenges, saying it’s inevitable. But he shared the many advantages they have. Green Corp had set up shop in Quesnel 50 km from the property. So they have local employees. They can bounce back between manufacturing, retail etc. And when they need them on the field, they can also have them do exploration. They also have lots of infrastructures next to them.

Little says that although they’re going on a different track than they initially planned, gold is still very much at the forefront.

“Right now frankly the market doesn’t care about gold so we could be screaming about it and nobody will listen anyway.”

Perry Little – Green River Gold Corp

Thus they’re focusing on the project that’s more immediate.

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