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  • Geyser Brands (GYSR) enters US expansion discussions with a California-based manufacturer and distributor
  • The talks have been brought on by increased interest in Geyser Brands’ products from US consumers
  • As per a previous announcement, the company is also waiting on approval for distribution of its Cannabis 2.0 products
  • Shares in Geyser Brands are currently down 17.86 per cent to C$0.12, with a market cap of C$3.5 million

Geyser Brands (GYSR) has entered into preliminary US expansion discussions with a Californian manufacturer and distributor.

The talks come after increased interest in Geyser Brands’ hemp and CBD-based products among American consumers.

“We are very excited to initiate expansion into California and are in discussions with a licensed partner to commence manufacturing and distributing some of our brands and product lines in the lucrative California market,” said Geyser Brands’ Chief Operating Officer, Brad Kersch.

“Geyser is also in talks with a licensed manufacturer in the state of Illinois to manufacture and distribute our brands and product lines.”

California has long been considered the epicentre of the North American cannabis industry, and represents the largest regulated market in the world. 

With innovative formulations and significant product diversity, Geyser Brands expects that its products will have a strong presence in both California and ultimately the wider United States.

In an announcement dated February 3, the company said that it is also ready and waiting to receive a sales license from Health Canada for the distribution of its tinctures, capsules, topical products and edibles throughout the Canadian and global markets.

Shares in Geyser Brands have failed to respond positively to the news, down 17.86 per cent to C$0.12 with a market cap of C$3.5 million.

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