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  • EXMceuticals appoints Prof. Dr. Eurico Castro Alves to its Advisory Board
  • Prof. Eurico founded WiseHS, which previously acted as a consultant to the company
  • Founder of EXMceuticals, Marc Bernier, will step down from his role as Chief Strategy Officer and will join the Board of Directors
  • Shares in the EXMceuticals are currently trading at $0.45.

EXMceuticals (EXM) has appointed Prof. Dr. Eurico Castro Alves as a new member of its Advisory Board.

Prof. Eurico was a former President of Infarmed, Portugal’s health regulator, and was a founder of WiseHS, a medical and pharmaceutical consulting firm.

A graduate from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto University with a specialty in General Surgery, Prof. Eurico completed his training at the Southern Illinois University Medical School and the Cook County Hospital of Chicago.

Prof. Eurico was also a mentor of the European Group Against Counterfeit Medicines and was part of the Group of Heads of Medicine Agencies in the European Economic Area.

“WiseHS was the consultant company engaged in the process that led to the granting of the Cannabis R&D license for our laboratory. Prf. Eurico’s engagement will clearly assist the future development of EXMceuticals in Portugal,” said Jonathan Summers, CEO of EXMceuticals.

“He and EXMceuticals share a common goal to establish Portugal as a centre for medical cannabis healthcare and science. The next step is to have in operation, and licensed, a high-quality ingredients factory that will produce to medical standards and have many industrial applications.”

In addition to the appointment of Prof. Eurico, the company also announced that its founder, Marc Bernier, will resign from his role as Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Bernier will move into a role as consultant for EXMceuticals and has been appointed to the company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Bernier will also receive stock options to purchase up to 1,500,000 common shares in EXMceuticals, exercisable at a price of $2.00 per share for a period of 10 years.

Shares in the company are currently trading at $0.45.

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