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  • EuroLife Brands (EURO) has finalized an agreement with Aphria Inc. to redevelop its online education portal
  • The redesign will include new modules from cannabis growing and production to responsible usage
  • Upon completion, cannabis retailers and staff will be able to access information on all Aphria products, as well as information on the wider cannabis industry
  • EuroLife shares are currently down 12.5% to $0.035, with a market cap of $12.29 million

EuroLife Brands (EURO) has finalized an agreement with Ontario-based cannabis giant, Aphria Inc. (TSX:APHA), to redevelop and redesign its ‘budtender’ education portal.

The company, through the use of its education and technology teams, will revamp Aphria’s site to include new modules on topics from cannabis growing and production to methods of consumption and responsible usage.

“Aphria is a leader in the adult-use cannabis market and we were impressed with the level of education they felt necessary to ensure budtenders are familiar with Aphria’s line-up of products and able to capably converse with potential consumers about frequently asked questions pertaining to recreational cannabis usage,” said EuroLife CEO, Shawn Moniz.

“We are pleased to partner with Aphria to deliver a refreshed budtender education portal to ensure retail employees across Canada are well-versed in Aphria’s line-up of adult-use brands such as Solei, RIFF, Good Supply and Broken Coast and well-educated above and beyond the basics of responsible adult-use of cannabis to offer added value to consumers looking to learn more.”

Upon completion of the redesign, cannabis retailers will have the ability to direct employees to the portal to learn more about Aphria’s range of brands and products, as well as the cannabis industry as a whole.

The platform will also include dynamic and interactive features to facilitate learning, along with detailed reporting and analytics features, games and social elements.

EuroLife shares are currently down 12.5% to $0.035, with a market cap of $12.29 million.

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