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Welcome to the Market Herald, I’m Simon Druker, and this is the Top Line.

The world of precious metals exploration is always an interesting one. Eminent Gold Corp is continuing to advance its four mineral properties in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Nevada. The British Columbia-based precious metals explorer has brought its Hot Springs Range Project to drill readiness.

Joining us today to talk more about that shiny topic is the company’s CEO Paul Sun. Paul, thanks for making time for us today.

TMH: To start off with, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to recently as a company, any exciting new developments? (without mentioning Hot Spring)

PS: Yeah, for sure. I mean, look to step back a bit, I think we’ve been busy assembling a world-class portfolio consisting of four projects with big shots on making discoveries. Along the way, we’ve been careful on how we’ve financed the company, keeping the share structure tight with some major investment backers and only until now we’re kind of starting to market with folks like yourself for the first time. So thanks very much for having us on and letting us share our story. In terms of more recent work that we’ve been doing, we’ve been planning our geophysics at our Meadow Canyon Target, which is in our Spanish Moon District. Spanish Moon is about 13 kilometres away from Kinross’s 23 million ounce Round Mountain mine, and our view is that Meadow Canyon is a direct analog to that Round Mountain deposit, and the geophysics will help confirm our thesis.

 TMH: Of your four projects in Nevada, three are pretty much ready to be drilled, including your Hot Springs Range Project. What will your drill program encompass at Hot Springs, and what do you hope to get out of it?

PS: Sure. So to start off, Hot Springs have never been drilled or explored before, so I don’t even mean by Eminent. I mean, no one in history has ever explored this land which is extremely fascinating given its proximity to the 42 million ounce schedule trend. I would’ve thought that someone would have drilled this thing like a pin cushion, but that’s not the case which makes Hot Springs a super exciting opportunity. Just to give you some background, Hot Springs was brought to us by a husband and wife team from New Crest and Newmont, and they actually did their PhDs on this type of mineralization on Carlin-style mineralization, and all our work to date, such as soils, geo chem and geophysics has confirmed that Hot Springs is a direct analog to those mines. On the other side of the Getchell trend, mines like the Turquoise Ridge or Twin Creeks are collectively 20 million ounces. So drilling is really the last step to confirm that there’s a discovery there, and I’ll note that given the size of the target if we’re successful, I think it’s going to change the face of Nevada, given again, it hasn’t been drilled before and based on where it is, it would be an extremely exciting discovery, and with our tight share structure, I think our shares fingers cross would outperform.

TMH: You just completed a new round of financing a few weeks ago to the tune of $1.4 million, this gets you closer to drilling what are some of the key catalysts shareholders can expect in the coming months?

PS: Sure, yeah, I mean every financing we’ve done, we’ve used it to place key shareholders. So we’ve been quite strategic. I will say that about 50% of our company is owned by directors, officers, and strategic technical personnel. So we are very aligned with other shareholders in terms of making a discovery. In terms of what this money gets us, I mentioned the geophysics at Meadow Canyon, so that is certainly a big upcoming catalyst as the whole drill prep around Spanish Moon and Meadow Canyon is having those geophysics confirm that it is a direct analog to Round Mountain and will also broadly continue our plan of operations there for permitting. So aside from the geophysics after that, we’ll be permitting the ground to get ready for drilling.

 TMH: What are your exploration plans and expectations heading into the fall?

PS: Sure. I mean, depending on market conditions, obviously, we want to drill. We’ve set ourselves up so that we can drill all four of our projects over a 12 to 18-month timeframe. We’re spring loaded on three of the four projects, with the fourth being Spanish Moon that we’re working on right now, as I mentioned. I mean, philosophically, we’ll drill when we’re ready or, more importantly, when the market is receptive to getting what we hope and expect will be great exploration results. We do view gold as a commodity that should go higher. We believe in peak performance and peak production, and lack of discoveries at the major. So my view is based on what we’ve put together, I think if we do make a discovery, that’ll create a lot of shareholder value regardless of where the gold price is. So I mean high level I think that is what our plans are coming into the fall.

 TMH: As you know, there are a lot of exploration companies looking for discoveries what would you say are the top 3 aspects that separate Eminent from all the other gold explorers?

PS: Sure, to put it in three, that’s difficult. I’d say the size of the prize, shots on goal, as I mentioned, we have four projects, so there’s a lot of optionality by being invested in our company. You have four swings on big discoveries. I mentioned our tight share structure. We like to say that our share structure is a weapon in that it’s really poised for an inflection point and real share performance, and it does go without saying that we are in Nevada. So Nevada’s ranked as the number one jurisdiction for gold exploration and development. You can drive to all the projects. So I really think it does tick all the boxes, and as a trained mining engineer and past banker, I’ve seen a lot of exploration companies, and I can honestly say I’ve never seen an opportunity as exciting as what we have here at Eminent.

Thanks again for joining us at The Market Herald today, Paul. We look forward to keeping an eye on things and chatting with you again soon.

We’ve been speaking with Paul Sun, the CEO of Eminent Gold. The company trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol EMNT. You can also visit them at for more info.

Once again I’d like to thank Paul for joining us today to learn more about his company’s latest developments and sharing his insights with our Top Line audience and his investors.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is a paid article produced by The Market Herald.

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