Deer Horn Capital - President and CEO, Tyrone Docherty
President and CEO, Tyrone Docherty
Source: Wall Street Analyser
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  • Deer Horn Capital’s (CSE:DHC) Indigenous-focused health subsidiary Cheona Health is importing COVID-19 test kits 
  • Cheona is currently in negotiations with the federal and state government of British Columbia on how to supply kits to remote indigenous communities 
  • Cheona has the exclusive right to the COVID-19 PCR kits from its South Korean manufacturer, and the kits are approved for Canadian import and use
  • Deer Horn owns a 49 per cent interest in Cheona Health 
  • Before the market opens. Deer Horn Capital (DHC) is trading at C$0.08 per share 

Deer Horn Capital’s (CSE:DHC) Indigenous subsidiary Cheona Health is beginning to import COVID-19 testing kits into British Columbia.

Management of Cheona Health is engaged in conversations with the Province of British Columbia to supply the COVID-19 PCR testing kits throughout Indigenous communities in the province.

Cheona Health has access to over one million kits, through an already approved South Korean medical equipment supplier.

The kits are Canada Health approved, along with having been cleared to market under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorisation act.

Deer Horn holds a 49 per cent stake in Cheona Health and was formed to help indigenous communities achieve better health outcomes.

Cheona’s current focus has been on working with NGO’s to ensure COVID-19 does not spread to the communities, while facilitating testing for the disease where and when it is detected.

Cheona Health is helmed by an indigenous elder Allen Edzerza, who has worked in a variety of very high profile roles across his career. He is currently the head of negotiations with the Government of British Columbia on behalf of the First Nations Energy and Mining council regarding mining reforms in the province.

President and CEO of Deer Horn Capital, Tyrone Docherty said he views Cheona’s exclusive agreement to import the kits as a win-win for British Columbia and for Deer Horn.

“Cheona’s intent is to bring the approved kits into Canada at fair prices that provide a tangible, long-term solution to the current crisis.

“Long term, we believe our partnership with Cheona Health will greatly benefit Deer Horn’s shareholders, both financially and in our ability to make a positive difference for Indigenous peoples and all Canadians,” he said. 

Before the market opens. Deer Horn Capital (DHC) is trading at C$0.08 per share.

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