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  • Biotechnology company, Ceapro (TSXV:CZO) has received positive results from a collaborative project which tested a new drug delivery system
  • Along with McMaster University researchers, Ceapro used its PGX technology to create a hydrogel which accelerates wound healing
  • The results from that project have been accepted for publication in the international, peer-reviewed journal, Acta Biomaterialia
  • The company believes that its PGX technology will help to create numerous new products to treat various ailments
  • Ceapro (CZO) is up 15 per cent and is currently trading at C$0.46 per share

Biotechnology company, Ceapro (TSXV:CZO) has received positive results from a collaborative project which tested a new drug delivery system.

The company worked alongside researchers from McMaster University to utilise Ceapro’s Pressurised Gas eXpanded liquid (PGX) technology. The research project used the PGX technology to create an ibuprofen-loaded hydrogel, which accelerates wound healing. 

The results of the research demonstrated significantly higher rates of healing in burn wounds. The hydrogel delivered ibuprofen in order to suppress inflammation, maintained wound hydration, and enabled continuous calcium release to the wound.

These results indicate that this new method of drug delivery could have far-reaching applications for wound treatment. This could include hydrophobic drug delivery, and medicated wound dressings with high drug loadings.

Ceapro’s research project results have been accepted for publication in the internationally renowned, peer-reviewed journal, Acta Biomaterialia.

The article is entitled “Drug-Impregnated, Pressurised Gas Expanded Liquid-Processed Alginate Hydrogel Scaffolds for Accelerated Burn Wound Healing”.

Ceapro’s President and CEO, Gilles Gagnon, expressed the company’s excitement at being accepted for publication in Acta Biomaterialia.

“Our proprietary PGX technology continues to demonstrate its broad ability and potential in developing novel formulations that potentially allow delivery of bioactives through different modes of administration.

“This research not only further bolsters our confidence, but unlocks many opportunities for product development solving areas of unmet need.

“It drives us to continue innovating topical and transdermal delivery systems using our new chemical complexes developed leveraging our pioneering PGX technology,” he said.

Ceapro (CZO) is up 15 per cent and is trading at C$0.46 per share at 10:53am EDT.

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