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  • Canntab Therapeutics (PILL.CN) has appointed Larry Latowsky to the position of Chief Executive Officer
  • Larry was promoted to the role after demonstrating substantial potential as a special advisor to the company
  • He will take over from current Canntab CEO, Jeff Renwick, who will become company President and Head of Manufacturing
  • Larry will oversee crucial areas of sales, manufacturing, and distribution, as the company prepares for significant growth opportunities
  • Canntab Therapeutics (PILL.CN) is up 8.20 per cent and is currently trading at C$0.66 per share

Canntab Therapeutics (PILL.CN) has appointed Larry Latowsky to the position of Chief Executive Officer.

Larry was originally appointed as a special advisor the company, during which time he demonstrated substantial potential. In particular, his extensive experience and connections in wholesale, retail, and direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical industries were considered invaluable.

Canntab initially announced that Larry would be appointed to the company Board as an Executive Chairman. However, the Board of Directors unanimously agreed that he would be of greater benefit to the company as its Chief Executive Officer.

Larry will take over from Canntab’s co-founder and current CEO, Jeff Renwick. As he steps aside to make room for Larry, Jeff will assume the roles of President and Head of Manufacturing.

In his new position as CEO, Larry will oversee crucial areas including sales, manufacturing, and distribution. As such, he will navigate the company through a period of significant growth opportunities.

Incoming CEO, Larry Latowsky, expressed his excitement at joining Canntab on a full-time basis.

“Canntab’s IP and product offerings are truly unique. Jeff Renwick and his production team’s knowledge and experience in the production of pharmaceutical products is very impressive.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Canntab’s products both within Canada and worldwide. 

“I would like to thank Jeff Renwick, Richard Goldstein, and the entire Canntab board of directors for trusting me with this important role. I have no doubt that together we will continue to build a successful business which will benefit all of our shareholders,” he said.

Canntab Therapeutics (PILL.CN) is up 8.20 per cent and is trading at C$0.66 per share, as of 3:15pm EDT.

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