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  • Cannabix Technologies (CSE:BLO) has filed a patent application for devices and methods related to its marijuana breathalyser technology
  • The provisional patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and covers multiple new intellectual properties
  • Cannabix will use its protected apparatus and methods to detect molecules of THC in a person’s breath
  • The company intends to file a subsequent non-provisional patent application with additional intellectual property included
  • Cannabix Technologies (BLO) is up 24.36 per cent and is currently trading at C$0.48 per share

Cannabix Technologies (CSE:BLO) has filed a patent application for devices and methods related to its marijuana breathalyser technology.

The provisional patent, “Apparatus and Methods for Detection of Molecules”, was filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

The patent covers multiple new inventions and intellectual properties related to Cannabix’s marijuana breathalyser technology. The company’s technology is based on field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometry (FAIMS).

Specifically, the patent seeks protection for new methods of generating and applying asymmetric waveforms, and ion optics design. It is likely that Cannabix will follow this up by filing a subsequent non-provisional patent application, covering additional intellectual property.

Cannabix intends to use its FAIMS system to isolate and detect THC compounds in human breath. During field testing, the device isolated and detected THC for up to 90 minutes after subjects consumed marijuana and nicotine.

The company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Raj Attariwala, explained some of the aspects of the device’s creation and future applications.

“Cannabix has developed a unique system with several non-obvious features that have been discovered through our commitment to research and development and innovation.

“The breath is composed of both volatile and non-volatile components; volatile components like alcohol are relatively easy to detect. The detection of non-volatile compounds like THC under atmospheric pressure in a humid environment is not an easy endeavour. 

“We believe our work will lead to new types of devices that the analytical and diagnostic fields have been seeking for breath analysis, and possibly other applications. Furthermore, this provisional patent should open the door to several additional patent opportunities,” he said.

Cannabix Technologies (BLO) is up 24.36 per cent and is trading at C$0.48 per share at 10:25am EDT.

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