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When the going gets tough, where can small-cap investors go?

Volatility still seems likely in the near-term as we hold on to the final few weeks of summer. We have been focusing on stock prices in Buzz on the Bullboards, but it is important to remember that price is more of a useful indication for investors to see where the trends are at, but it is not a market fundamental.

The current rampant inflation has many people changing their lifestyles and consumer packaged goods manufacturers need to increase the distribution of their offers, but it is getting more challenging.

A tool that has been designed to help is Fobi AI Inc.’s (TSXV: FOBIForum) new affiliate and social influencer marketing platform for Qples by Fobi.

The data intelligence company will generate revenue from this platform by selling both physical and digital coupon activations to both retailers and consumer packaged goods brand manufactures.

The Qples by Fobi platform provides a means for social influencers to monetize their audience by enabling the distribution of offers at scale across a localized, regional, national, and global scale.

The platform allows Fobi to help these manufacturers reach scale by advertising their coupon content to large audiences that are curated by bloggers and social influencers. The bloggers and social influencers will receive a commission for each coupon distributed and redeemed. Also, as the digital coupons continue to be implemented, this will exponentially expand reach and consumer adoption.

Fobi CEO Rob Anson explained that to win in today’s competitive environment, it’s all about the size and scale of your network, and this launch immediately increases both exponentially for his company.

“Thanks to strategic positioning ahead of 8112, we will now be able to distribute CPG brand coupons into the hands of millions of new consumers and audiences which will ultimately help them save money which timely given the struggles people are having with inflation today. We believe this new launch will also generate significant new line revenue for Fobi.”

In the face of Russia and Iran’s move to implement their plan to be the core participants in a global cartel for gas suppliers in the same vein as OPEC, other companies are working quickly to advance their operations while prices are in their favour.

Trillion Energy (CSE:TCF, Forum) announced that the Uranus drilling rig is expected to arrive at the SASB natural gas field on August 29th.

CEO Arthur Halleran spoke with Daniella Atkinson about the news.

“We are pleased to announce a clear path to drilling and gas production. We are counting the days before we embark on this historical achievement to bring substantial new gas production into the region at a critical time”.

The rig is currently undergoing an inspection, survey and permitting process. The process is going as planned, with no major issues identified to date. Final inspection and acceptance are anticipated on or about August 26th, then the rig will be hauled by marine ships to the SASB Gas field.

When the rig arrives, it will be positioned at the Akcakoca offshore production platform. Positioning and jack up of the rig should take a day, weather permitting. Other preparations will take two more days before the first well is spud on or about September 1st, 2020.

The need for telemedicine has been exacerbated since the COVID-19 pandemic came into our lives and it was a major topic of discussion at the most recent National Summit on the Future of Rural Health Care.

A top player in this space, Reliq Health Technologies Inc. (TSXV:RHTForum) has been advancing its presence in this space and just signed five new contracts with two home health agencies, two physician practices and a wound care practice.

The contracts are expected to add at least 10,000 new patients in California, Florida, Nevada, and Texas to Reliq’s iUGO Care platform over the next three quarters.

Reliq Health Technologies’ CEO, Dr. Lisa Crossley said in a media release on this news that expanding into Kentucky will provide a solid boost to business, as the state Medicaid program has significantly increased its coverage for remote patient monitoring.

“There are over 1.2 million adults covered by Medicaid in the state of Kentucky. According to the Chronic Care Policy Alliance, approximately 22 per cent of the population in Kentucky or roughly 1 million residents are in Poor to Fair health. The expanded scope of Kentucky’s Medicaid program will allow patients with heart disease, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), diabetes, hypertension, cancer, stroke, mental health issues or who are pregnant to be monitored remotely by their healthcare providers. Over 50 per cent of Kentucky residents live in rural communities. Using Reliq’s iUGO Care solution improves access to care for these patients, improving health outcomes and quality of life.”

Who knows what next week will bring, and which stocks will survive and thrive? What we can predict is that we will be able to get a clearer picture of where the markets are headed, and which companies will do well in the times to come. We’re only able to capture small bits of the large dialogue, so don’t forget to come back to the Bullboards throughout the week to see how the conversations change.

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