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It has been an uneasy week for markets on Bay Street and Wall Street.

The TSX has moved higher despite recent volatility, which also saw a boost from earnings, which have so far been exceeding expectations, following signs of a slowdown in interest rate hikes.

A lower-than-expected rise in interest rates from the Bank of Canada has kicked off a risk rally.

US markets have also fared well as optimism grows that the Federal Reserve will signal a slower pace of interest rate hikes.

This week, another batch of earnings news and updates from big-name companies is expected to continue that trend.

Biopharmaceutical company Theratechnologies (TSX:THForum) has also made more news recently, having announced new data from a tissue microarray study which demonstrated high expression of sortilin 1 (SORT1) in solid tumours.

The data highlighted the potential of SORT1 as a new target for the internalization of anticancer therapy and will be used to support the company’s ongoing preclinical and clinical programs of its SORT1+ Technology platform.

SORT1 is a receptor protein that binds to circulating proteins and peptides, which, when used with other therapies, may inhibit the production of cancer cells.

For 257 normal or adjacent tissue cores in the study, SORT1 staining was either negative or low for most healthy tissues, including lung, stomach, liver, ovary, prostate, lymph node, esophagus, small intestine, cervix, skin, spleen, bone marrow, and thymus.

Some healthy tissues had moderate or strong staining, including the colonic mucosa, rectal epithelium, pancreatic islets and vessels, breast lobules, testicular spermatids and Sertoli cells, kidney tubules, and cerebral neuronal cells and astrocytes.

The company intends to further evaluate additional tissue microarrays to increase the biopsy sample size and to broaden the range of tumour types and sub-types that may be susceptible to SORT1.

Datametrex AI Ltd. (TSXV:DMForum) has kept busy this week.

Its subsidiary, Nexalogy Environics, is developing an artificial intelligence and machine learning tool to detect depression and anxiety.

The tool explores sets of data and text to analyze and distinguish emotions and moods to determine one’s mental state and if the creator of that text is suffering specifically from depression or anxiety.

Research suggests that the most prevalent mental illnesses are depression and anxiety, which are estimated to affect over 676 million people worldwide. Identifying these conditions in their early stages is critical in addressing the public health concerns surrounding these illnesses that lead to self-harm and suicide.

The company believes this will be a beneficial tool in various industries, such as the airline industry with pilots, soldiers in the military and doctors and nurses in the healthcare industry.

The outcomes thus far verified by the Nexalogy team demonstrate that the AI tool shows a high confidence level when detecting mental illness, circa 72 per cent when detecting emotions through text.

Earlier this week, the technology firm received the third purchase order from Bitnine Global for approximately C$400K for the company’s NexaSMART.

The company will provide Bitnine with its NexaSMART software, including Nexa Social Big Data Analysis and Nexa Social Data Monitoring.

NexaSMART reduces the time needed to analyze large sets of data by offering powerful automated analyses and reduces human error with its machine learning. NexaSMART advances business with data optimization for ultimate success.

This order marks the third contract from Bitnine, a leader in graph database business solutions, this month.

PyroGenesis Canada’s (TSXV:PYRForum) Plasma Arc Waste Destruction System (PAWDS) is in operation on the newly launched USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier.

The ship – the first of four carriers the US Navy has contracted to have the PAWDS system on board – will spend the next two months in both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean as part of a multi-national exercise with eight other countries, including Canada and France, to prepare the crew for real-world scenarios.

PyroGenesis has been contracted for a total of four systems, one for each of the four aircraft carriers. Two have been delivered (USS Gerald R. Ford and USS John F. Kennedy), and two are currently under order (the USS Enterprise and USS Doris Miller).

PAWDS is a compact all-electric waste management system for combustible waste. PAWDS eliminates more than 400 pounds of diverse trash material per hour, including the plastic that traditional ship waste systems could not destroy. PAWDS reduces all the ship’s trash – plastic, paper, food, and wood – to vapour, a key aspect, as, without a waste destruction system of this calibre, the ship would be forced to reduce operations, returning to port to off-load trash.

The next aircraft carrier in the Gerald R. Ford Class to utilize the PAWDS system will be the USS John F. Kennedy which is scheduled for delivery to the US Navy in June 2024.

PyroGenesis has been contracted for a total of four systems, one for each of the four aircraft carriers. Two have been delivered (USS Gerald R. Ford and USS John F. Kennedy), and two are currently under order (the USS Enterprise and USS Doris Miller).

In addition to the contracts for the USS Gerald R. Ford and USS John F. Kennedy, a further $11.5 million two-ship contract with the US Navy was awarded to the company in 2020 for the USS Enterprise and USS Doris Miller.

The USS Enterprise began construction in 2017 with a future delivery date of 2028; the USS Doris Miller will follow.

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Next week, we’ll be able to see how the dust has started to settle in the following the release of major earnings results, and where investors stand. Given the lively discussion and serious investment passion on the Bullboards, you can bet that things will get heated.

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