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  • BriaCell (BCT) speaks to positive clinical and quality of life data in advanced metastatic breast Cancer at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
  • Positive clinical data included tumour shrinkage, disease control, progression-free survival, and potentially longer-term survival benefits
  • Many patients remained in the study longer than other prior therapies
  • More positive data is expected to be released since some patients remain in the study
  • BriaCell Therapeutics (BCT) is down 1.16 per cent, trading at C$7.66 at 1:29 pm EST

BriaCell Therapeutics (BCT) presented positive safety/tolerability and efficacy data from its lead product candidate, Bria-IMT.

Mayo Clinic Professor and Principal Clinical Investigator Saranya Chumsri, M.D., stated, “First, this is a heavily pretreated group of end-stage metastatic breast cancer patients. For many of these patients, other therapies don’t exist or cannot be tolerated.”

Chumsri went on to add, “Bria-IMT does not have any theoretical cross-resistance or overlapping toxicity with other MBC treatments, which is why it is so encouraging to see responses across all MBC subtypes and a very manageable adverse event experience.”

“We’re delighted that many patients stayed on our study longer than their last therapy, suggesting the Bria-IMT combination regimen is both well tolerated and clinically effective,” stated Dr. William V. Williams, BriaCell’s President and CEO.”

According to research, advanced MBC remains one of the most difficult cancers to treat.

“There remains an urgent, unmet medical need to find well-tolerated and effective treatments for these gravely ill cancer patients who have only months to live and cannot tolerate the harsh side effects of other cancer treatments,” added Dr. Williams. There were 22 advanced metastatic breast cancer patients which were treated with the Bria-IMT regimen with PD-1 inhibitors.

Patients had previously been heavily pre-treated with a median of 6.5 prior therapies.

There were significant tumour reductions in patients treated in combination with either pembrolizumab or retifanlimab, suggesting additive or synergistic effects of the Bria-IMT combination regimen with PD-1 inhibitors.

Most patients experienced progression-free survival that was similar to or better than their last therapy.

As previously reported, 70 per cent of evaluable patients treated in the combination regimen with retifanlimab showed either disease control or PFS benefits compared with their most recent prior therapy regimen.

Patients who experienced disease control reported ‘better quality of life scores and ‘less pain’ with the BriaCell combination regimen.

The quality of life data to date suggests an additive or synergistic effect of Bria-IMT with PD-1 inhibitors in advanced metastatic breast cancer patients.

It supports the company’s strategy of using the Bria-IMT combination regimen with PD-1 inhibitors.

Patients continue to remain in the study and are recruited into the randomized phase II part of the study. More information will be released once analyzed.

BriaCell is an immuno-oncology-focused biotechnology company developing targeted and effective approaches for the management of cancer.

BriaCell Therapeutics (BCT) is down 1.16 per cent, trading at C$7.66 at 1:29 pm EST.

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